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"What was that you said again?" - a new look at psychosis  
Ivan Tyrrell and Richard Bentall discuss patient-centred new approaches to the understanding and treatment of psychotic illness..  >> Read

Why hypnosis and the power of the mind matter in medicine
n the 1930s a Bedouin tribesman introduced a young Irish doctor to the powers of the subconscious mind. Sixty years later, after doing over four thousand operations using hypnosis. Dr Jack Gibson talks to Joe Griffin..  >> Read

Our collective cultural insanity
Doris Lessing believes we are all much closer to craziness than we like to believe. In conversations with Ivan Tyrrell she talks about age, breakdowns and the ubiquitous 'self-hater' >> Read

Normal birth can be pain free
Sheila Barratt-Smith tells Denise Winn that the images and language used to describe birth can determine whether a woman experiences pain — or euphoria. >> Read

Madness, creativity and human nature
Ivan Tyrrell talks with Daniel Nettle about the far closer than expected connection between psychosis and creative thinking. >> Read

Mind Sculpture: "This trembling web"  
Joe Griffin talks with Professor Ian Robertson about the role of experience in the sculpting of our brains, and why certain types of counselling may do harm.  >> Read

The Century of the Self
Ivan Tyrrell explores with Adam Curtis how Freudian ideas are flourishing in business and politics today and insidiously influence all of our lives. >> Read

The Social Brain
Denise Winn talks with Professor John Ratey about the brain as a social organ, and the need to be alert early to enept social skills. >> Read

Knowledge beyond words: confusion and ethics
BACP had just published new ethical guidelines and before publication, Ivan Tyrrell questioned the main author of the guidelines, Tim Bond, about what they actually mean.  >> Read

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