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Advantages of membership

By joining the Human Givens Institute today you can connect up with other practically minded people who are interested in, and working to improve, the collective mental health and quality of life of people in all societies — something politicians and governments as presently organised are floundering with.

As a member you will have the opportunity of tuning in to the biggest ideas related to the needs of humanity over the coming decades.

Human Givens journalThe ‘Human Givens’ journal

Editorial Director: Ivan Tyrrell     Editor: Denise Winn

All members receive a copy of HGI’s journal, Human Givens: Promoting emotional health and clear thinking, two times a year.

Full of fascinating stories, research findings, new insights, articles, interviews, case histories, research, book reviews and letters — the journal provides the best writing on human psychology and behaviour currently available.

Exploring the relevance of the latest knowledge about human psychology and behaviour to how we live today, the journal is the ideal way for people to keep up to date with the latest thinking and advances, and how this knowledge is being implemented across a wide range of areas.

The columns of the journal are open to members and correspondence on relevant matters of interest is always welcomed. Members are also invited to submit articles, but please discuss possible submissions with the editor in the first instance (email:

In order to retain editorial freedom, the Journal takes no advertising – it is solely funded by subscriptions and HGI Membership. Its back issues also provide an invaluable resource.


For graduates who are new to private practice, there is a wealth of information, useful tips and downloads in the HG Professional Members' Area about starting up and managing a practice.

HG.Dip. graduates also have the invaluable input from their regional peer group meetings.


The Institute speaks to government agencies and other organisations to offer advice, participate in relevant activities, and promote the interests of its professional members in this country and abroad.

Human Givens Conference 

Our bi-annual conferences are a wonderful opportunity to meet up with others who are involved in HGI work and hear about the life-enhancing educational and therapeutic discoveries being made as a result by people working in many different fields. From time to time, the HGI also presents one-off special interest events. (Click here for information about the latest conference.)

Essential information

You will be kept informed ahead of the public about new events, publications and research connected with the HG approach.

Role of membership

You know that, by being a member, as well as the above benefits you are playing an important supportive role in the spread of these organising ideas.

For a list of all additional benefits and the precise benefits for each membership category, please see each membership levels.

Also see: HGI Activities  and  How to Join

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