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Internet Forums

There are two HGI forums which provide a wonderful resource and lively meeting and discussion arenas for people interested in, or working with, the human givens approach.

The HGI Forum is open to all levels of membership and is a great place for discussing the implications of the human givens 'organising ideas' across all areas of life. It is also a useful starting point for anyone who is working towards their Human Givens Diploma (or thinking of doing so), who wishes to share their thoughts and ideas with other interested people.

The HGI Practitioners' Forum is open to all professional levels of membership (GHGI, MHGI and FHGI). It provides a secure area where practitioners can confidentially discuss case histories and issues arising from their work, as well as share ideas and pool resources.

If you're already a member, you can access the forums using your username and password at:

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