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Indra Adnan

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United Kingdom
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020 7443 9417
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07785 770424
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For the past 25 years I have worked in diverse professional spheres helping people,  communities and organisations overcome their individual and shared problems on the way to reaching their full potential. When we lack awareness of the emotional needs that drive and shape us, we end up stressed and unhappy, unable to integrate our lives. In addition, not being able to understand the context in which we are operating (caetextia) – whether that means the culture, the office politics, or our relationship network – creates obstacles we feel we can’t control. Why can’t I fit in? What is my role? Why can’t I progress? Working with the Human Givens methods, I help clients overcome presenting problems and begin to tell new stories about their lives.




Human Givens Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma
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Human Givens Institute

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  • English
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Therapy rooms are on the 2nd floor without a lift Parking meters are available or on-line permits can be arranged in advance
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United Kingdom