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All professional members of the HGI are subject to the Institute's Complaints Procedure.

If any member of the public or the Institute has a complaint, concern or grievance, they should follow the Institute's Complaints Procedure as laid out in our downloadable document, How the HGI deals with complaints

Any complaint will be considered and assessed by by the HGI Registration and Complaints Committee (RPSC). The complainant and the HGI member concerned will be informed of the progress of the complaint and of the outcome. Please view our flow diagram which shows an overview of the full process.

If you wish to raise a complaint or register a concern about the service, practice or behaviour of the Human Givens Institute itself (as opposed to an individual human givens therapist), please notify the External Oversight Committee for Human Givens Therapy (EOC), which oversees the activities of the HGI, supporting the good governance of the organisation.

You can contact them via email at: [email protected] or send a letter to the following address:

FAO External Oversight Committee
Human Givens Institute
East Sussex
BN27 3TD
Unted Kingdom

Please mark the envelope ‘Private and Confidential’.

To view the full EOC's complaints procedure, please download the flow diagram here.


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Could you help produce this valuable resource?

As you may be aware, after 26 years as editor of the Human Givens Journal, Denise Winn will be stepping down at the end of 2023. Despite advertising for a successor last year, we have been unable to find any one person who could fulfil the role.

Date posted: 13/04/2023