The human givens approach and the insights it brings are enriching psychotherapy, education, social work, primary care, the workplace and beyond.

  • About the Institute

    Thousands of people around the world recognise that the organising ideas summed up in the phrase 'human givens' have enormous, beneficial implications for improving any human endeavour...

  • Psychotherapy Diploma and Mental Health Training

    Human Givens College has been providing psychotherapy training in the best ways to treat mental health and behavioural problems for over twenty years. 

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  • Find a therapist

    A human givens therapist will help you to overcome emotional distress, mental health illnesses and improve your wellbeing as quickly as possible. Our therapist register is accredited by the PSA. 

  • How human givens differs from other therapy approaches

    People often ask how the human givens (HG) approach differs from other therapeutic approaches. Indeed, we were asked by the Professional Standards Authority when the HGI register was being assessed for accreditation. This is what we told them...

  • What are the 'human givens'?

    We are all born with innate knowledge programmed into us from our genes. Throughout life we experience this knowledge as feelings of physical and emotional need. These evolved over millions of years and, whatever our cultural background, are our common biological inheritance – the driving force that motivates us to become fully human and succeed in ...

  • About the Human Givens Institute

    The Human Givens Institute (HGI) is a global organisation concerned with unifying the most effective forms of counselling and psychotherapy into a truly bio-psycho-social approach which incorporates the most effective therapeutic techniques, neuroscientific findings and newly-devised interventions, and focuses on achieving positive outcomes for clients as quickly as possible.


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