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Beth Hamilton

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34, Hayeswater Road
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom
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0161 747 3660
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07840 996282
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I became a fully qualified Human Givens Psychotherapist in 2006. And have been running a very busy private counselling practice in Manchester for 11 years. I know that without the pragmatic, organising ideas of the Human Givens school of therapy I could not be so effective as a therapist.

Historically: I trained as an Occupationally Therapist and spent 20 years working with the NHS. Working with people who have had traumatic accidents or suffered physical illnesses, I saw first-hand how our emotional mind impacts our physical wellbeing and visa-versa.

Specialisms: As well as my private practice helping many people who have anxiety, depression, phobias, gender issues etc. etc. I also see couples and help in relationship councelling.

I am a psychotherapists for a leading Veteran’s charity and have a number of veterans in my case book. I enjoy working with these incredible people because the Human Givens model offers the ideal solution to help them quickly, turning traumatic events into ordinary memories by using the ‘rewind’ and other techniques.

I also work for a ‘Return to Work’ organisation, again helping people get their emotional needs met, resolving difficulties, building resilience and getting their lives back on track again.

Therapy: I offer one to one therapy in the comfort of a domestic setting which people have said is more relaxing than a clinic. If preferred I can also see people online over zoom or skype.

A typical session: We would look at; the persons current difficulties and how these might be resolved; we could look at building coping strategies; at emotional needs and what might be missing in the persons life, we would look at personal goals and find the best route for the person to achieve those goals; we could then practice these goals during gentle relaxation which re-energises the person both physically and mentally.

HG.Dip.P., BSc (hons) Occupational Therapy
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34, Hayeswater Road
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom