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Des Howden

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I don’t know what challenges you are facing right now or what has brought you to my website but one thing I do know, is that I can help you to feel better.

Whatever the issue you are dealing with, I have the tools, experience and resources available to help you. 

I understand if you feel uncertain. Maybe you’ve already tried other therapies without success. Or maybe you’re not even sure if there is anyone out there who can help you. I would just like to reassure you that no one is beyond help and there are always things we can do together that will support you to feel better. Sometimes simply asking for help can be the hardest thing to do and once you have done that everything else becomes easier. 

Who I work with   

My particular area of expertise is in tackling stress, anxiety and trauma

However, I work with people experiencing the whole spectrum of mental health challenges, from those with severe mental health challenges like PTSD and addictions through to people who need support with more commonplace issues such as self-esteem, work or relationship problems. 

Of course, we are all complex beings and our lives change. Sometimes people who come to me initially for therapeutic coaching or psychotherapy may later seek my help with life coaching to help them to build the life they want, once some of their more pressing challenges have been tackled. Similarly, people who start out wanting simple life coaching may uncover complex personal issues that require more of a therapeutic approach. 

Building a good rapport with my clients and having a broad mix of skills at my disposal means I can offer whatever support is needed in that moment. This does not mean an endless cycle of therapy – my aim is help you to feel better in the fastest, most effective way – but it does mean I can empower you in many different ways, using a range of skills and approaches.

What to Expect

Whether you come to see me for therapy or life coaching, we will start in the same way, with a free conversation to find out what exactly it is you want to achieve. This is your chance to really clarify what you want from your life.

Maybe it is to be free from stress, anxiety, trauma or anything else that is holding you back in life, or you may want to build your business, give a talk or have a complete change of lifestyle. 

Once we have established where you want to go we will create the best strategies to get you there, refocusing your attention on the positive aspects of your life, honing your strengths and developing the skills needed to take charge of your life. 

My aim is to help you feel better and more hopeful from the very first session. During this session I will teach you how to truly relax, I will also explain about how we get stuck in our thinking, and how to free our thinking. In between sessions I may give you some tasks to complete before the next session, to help you achieve the change you want as quickly as possible.

My Promise to You

I will listen to you without judgment and I will use all I have learned over the years, to help you to feel better as quickly and effectively as I can.

All I ask of you in return is that you commit to helping yourself to feel better and working with me as openly as you can.

Contact me today to arrange your free initial consultation.







Human Givens Practitioner, Master Practitioner of (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming / Master Practitioner of Ericsonian Hypnosis / Fusion Life Coach & Trainer / Provocative Change Works Practitioner Holder of an Enhanced DBS check.
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