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Katherine Vilnrotter

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640 Brighton Avenue
Portland, ME 04101
United States
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I'm Katherine Vilnrotter. I believe that every person is important and has a voice to be heard. The stories we align ourselves with, determine our perceptions of ourselves, our situations, and others. The richer the story, the more useful tools it has to offer us on our journey. The beauty of a story is its fluidity; it is always changing, evolving, and transforming along with the characters it holds. I'm honored to witness every story and enrich it with new tools and perspectives along the way.

Through the Human Givens Approach, I guide people into balance, for the prevention and healing of trauma, and to assist in the creation of healthy communities, relationships and individuals.

I have a diverse professional background with careers in architecture, international community development, international development finance consulting, construction management and building energy auditing over the past 10 years. This diverse background provides me with a deep understanding of a variety of types of organizations and people and their independent and co-functioning.

While people have always been the focus of my interests, my professional trajectory took a sharp turn in 2011 when I experienced a severe personal trauma and suffered through full blown PTSD for several years. My journey through the healing process allowed me to develop a deep and personal relationship with a variety of tools that helped me regain my center. Among these healing tools were yoga, meditation, reiki, physical fitness and nutrition, the mind-body connection, and most profoundly psychoeducation, understanding my own brain through the Human Givens Approach.

The act of learning about brain functioning to understand my experiences with PTSD was empowering to me on several levels. It not only helped me understand what I was feeling physically in my body, emotionally and mentally, but it gave me the tools to manipulate those same brain mechanisms to achieve desired results in my professional and personal lives. I am extremely passionate about sharing the tools that helped me heal and thrive with as many people as possible.

I look forward to meeting you!

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640 Brighton Avenue
Portland, ME 04101
United States