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Patrick Ault

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York Human Givens Centre
YO23 1NA
United Kingdom
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01904 637199
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Patrick grew up in the East Anglian countryside and has always loved being close to nature. He has enjoyed travelling and has worked and lived both on Scyros Island, Greece and in Northern Italy.

He was employed in the NHS for over 15 years to help young people and their families to manage hospital treatments. As a result, he has gained a good understanding of how to inspire young people to make good use of challenging situations. He therefore, has practical experience in how to help you quickly reduce fear, harness your own innate resources and move forward into greater well-being.

Patrick has been able to help many people achieve goals that they, and others, really did not believe could be possible at the outset. Furthermore, he believes that good therapy is a matter of maximising strengths and discovering better and better ways to create changes that naturally brighten the present and uplift the future.

Consequently, you may find the experience of therapy as one of great relief, discovering that there really is nothing wrong with you as a person; the depression, the OCD, the shame, the fear, are symptoms of something impersonal; survival mechanisms, common to man, that have gone awry. With the right information, the right help, given at the right time, life opens up, vision clears and the future is meaningful.

BA Hons Psychology, HG Dip P
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British Psychological Society, Human Givens Institute

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York Human Givens Centre
YO23 1NA
United Kingdom