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Context blindness and Asperger's traits

'Caetextia' — context blindness* caused by an inability to keep track of multiple interconnecting variables and to reprioritise any change in those variables by referring to a wider field that contains the history of them. This causes people with caetextia to resort to one of two mental modus operandi: logical, straight-line thinking or thinking by random associations.

Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell first coined the term "caetextia" in 2007 to describe the most dominant manifestation of autistic behaviour at the highest levels of the autistic spectrum, and their insights have gone on to help many understand personally what is going on for them and also those in the caring and mental health professions. These insights also have huge implications for the world of organisations, business and politics, where many people suffer from caetextia.


* 'context blindness', a chronic disorder manifesting in the inability to adjust behaviours or perception to deal appropriately with interacting variables.

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