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Enjoy up to 25% OFF selected diploma-linked online training. 

Study with us at a time and place that suits you – choose from a range of subjects: anxiety, stress, anger, trauma, depression, effective counselling, hypnosis, helping students and more...

If you feel inspired by the information and case histories on this website, we suggest you take a look at the training offered by Human Givens College

It is the official, international source of training in the human givens approach and offers a wide range of courses, both online and in person, on how best to help people with a range of emotional and behavioural problems and more. It also offers essential psychotherapy and counselling skills training. 

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You can develop your own knowledge and skills through its:

Training in the UK

HG College is working with EverybodyOK run by Samantha Stepleton, an HG-trained social worker, to bring the Diploma Part 1 workshops to California.  Click here for more information.

"The Human Givens approach is not just a model of therapy. Based on how the brain works, it provides a simple yet profound framework for understanding human nature and for working to help individuals in distress develop fulfilling, emotionally and mentally healthy lives." Samantha Stepleton

This will be the second time HG training events have been run in America, these courses were in North Carolina, with the help of the North Carolina Human Givens Center.


You can read more about human givens courses here

Latest News:

Could you help produce this valuable resource?

As you may be aware, after 26 years as editor of the Human Givens Journal, Denise Winn will be stepping down at the end of 2023. Despite advertising for a successor last year, we have been unable to find any one person who could fulfil the role.

Date posted: 13/04/2023