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Our silent emergency - suicide

with Malcolm Hanson

"Depending on someone's situation, depending on how they normally deal with problems, they may find themselves becoming overwhelmed..."

We were delighted to have Malcolm Hanson as our podcast guest where he will share his knowledge and insights about our silent emergency - suicide. 

Malcolm is a human givens therapist who worked for 9 years in the NHS in the West Midlands, where his cases mainly involved treating cases that were demarcated from conventional services because of their complexity or severity, such as those with complex trauma, those with a background of violence or criminality, secondary care patients, trafficked individuals and asylum seekers. At any given time, approximately half of his client list presented with suicidal ideation.

We are lucky to have Malcolm as a tutor to deliver the ‘How to reduce suicide risk’ workshop live online for Human Givens College. 


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