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How to beat emotional stress

With the news that 44% of people in the UK describe themselves as 'stressed' with 27% of those admitting they are regularly 'close to breaking point', it has become even more crucial to spread effective information about how to manage stress.

1) Do an emotional needs audit

We have a number of innate emotional needs (or 'human givens') that, when they are not met, lead to stress. We also have the innate resources needed to meet these needs in our environment.

If you are not aware of these needs and resources then it's important to find out about them. Once you can see which needs are not being met and are causing you stress, it's easier to devise a plan of action to meet them. A good therapist will help you do this.

If you fancy doing an emotional needs audit of your life, use our online information to help.

2) Learn to stop worrying

3) Challenge the negative thoughts that lead from stress to anxiety and depression

4) Look after yourself physically

Stress raises your cortisol levels which have a big impact on your physical wellbeing as well as your emotional state. It's important to remember to look after yourself in all the usual ways, getting enough sleep, eating well and taking regular exercise.

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