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Emotional Needs Audit (ENA)

When a person is getting their innate physical and psychological needs met in a balanced way they will be mentally healthy (unless they are also traumatised or brain damaged in some way). Scientists and psychologists have identified the fundamental givens of human nature which everyone needs to have satisfied in their life if they wish to function well.

The Emotional Needs Audit is a simple diagnostic questionnaire developed by the HGI, which is proving an invaluable tool as it rapidly shows where the potential problems in someone's life might lie.

When a human givens therapist helps a person to overcome distress, they focus on helping the person to get their essential emotional needs met, authentically and in balance, rather than on giving attention to psychological symptoms. Interestingly, when the patient's emotional needs are attended to their presenting problem often falls away by itself, and unexplained physical symptoms sometimes resolve as well.

An increasing number of doctors now use the Emotional Needs Audit form with both their patients and staff.

> Find out how well your emotional needs are being met by completing the online Emotional Needs Audit
> Click here to download the ENA form and use it for yourself or with your patients (this is an editable PDF form, save it to your computer to complete, then re-save to save your answers)
> The emotional needs audit (ENA): a report on its reliability and validity
> Click here for a video about using the Emotional Needs Audit

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