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Eating Disorders - helping people take back control

with Russell McKenzie

"People devlop eating disorders to cope with uncomfortable feelings that are going on inside the body, there's some emotion they're feeling that they don't know what to do with..."

Hello and welcome to another HG podcast. I’m Jo Baker and I’m part of the HG team. Today I’m going to be talking to our expert Russell McKenzie about eating disorders and helping people take back control.

Russell McKenzie is a Human Givens therapist and has been working in a thriving private practice for the last five years. Russell is committed to helping people take back control of their lives by removing barriers and giving them the tools to be able to manage their mental health better. Throughout his therapeutic career, Russell has helped many suffering with eating disorders, more specifically bulimia and binge eating.

Read an article by Russell McKenzie for the Human Givens Journal: Under-nourished: the key to working with restrictive eating

Find out more: Eating Disorder Awareness


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