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Registrant requirements

To be eligible for inclusion on our Professional Register, registrants must have completed and passed the Human Givens Diploma to Practitioner Level (Part 3). This ensures that they have successfully demonstrated their practical competence, and are fully qualified to practise as a human givens therapist or counsellor, using the designatory letters HG.Dip.P.

In addition, they must be up-to-date with their Registered Membership (MHGI) of the Human Givens Institute, which requires each member to:.

  • Agree to uphold the HGI's ethical standards
  • Agree to and abide by the HGI's professional conduct policy
  • Completion of annual Continuous Professional Development and CPD record card
  • Have regular supervision with an HGI-accredited Supervisior, as per their membership requirements

If they are currently in private practice, they must also provide:

  • Professional indemnity insurance (copy of current certificate)
  • Written confirmation of their DBS certificate (if relevant) indicating level of disclosure
  • Completion of the Fitness to practice Declaration

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Lapsed Members

For the benefit of the public, our Complete Register listing also allows you to view Registered HGI Members from the last two years who are no longer in private practice, for whatever reason, or whose membership has been cancelled or has lapsed.

Trainee therapists

When human givens therapists are working towards the full HG practitioner level qualification (Part 3) they must be Graduate Members of the HGI. This means that they can practise as a Trainee Status therapist (or counsellor) under supervision, in accordance with the Institute’s supervision policy, and are subject to the HGI’s ethics code and complaints procedure. They are not, however, yet eligible to appear on the HGI's official register of fully-qualified HG practitioners.

Graduate Members in private practice must always make it clear that they are working towards their final Practitioner Qualification (which must be completed within two years of when they were awarded the HG Diploma Part 2).

To help make their status apparent, all trainee HG therapists and counsellors must use the designatory letters and description: 'HG.Dip.P (Trainee)' after their name.


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