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Why antidepressants need to be understood

with Marion Brown

Marion Brown was a human givens psychotherapist in private practice for 7 years and through her work, became very concerned about the many difficult experiences she could see people were having with antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications and sedatives taken as prescribed – often with difficult side effects and withdrawal problems. Marion now shares what she has learnt, to help therapists and people struggling with those complex issues – and she works tirelessly to increase awareness of them…

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  • ‘Recovery and Renewal’ by Baylissa Frederick
  • ‘The Straight-talking Introduction to Psychiatric Drugs’ by Joanna Moncrieff
  • ‘The Straight-talking Introduction to Psychiatric Diagnosis’ by Lucy Johnstone
  • ‘The Pill that steals lives’ by Katinka Blackford Newman

Marion Brown online articles – for clients and therapists:

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Date posted: 14/02/2024