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OCD, bigmoose and me

with Hannah Phillips

"...We had four sessions and they changed my life and saved my life, I think the important bit was the change..."

This episode contains content that some listeners may find upsetting. Please check the podcast description for more details...

"They saved my life and changed my life" - Hannah Phillips has struggled with mental health illnesses for as long as she can remember. Her empowering story is packed full of emotional lows, highs and laughter... 

Hannah is a writer, mental health activist and founder of Wonderful Women, a concept that brings together inspiring women through live events, blogs and podcasts. Until recently Hannah worked for Run Wales, supporting and encouraging people across Wales to take up running. She is the author of ‘No Run Intended’, a book that charts her relationship with running and indeed with herself along the way. 

Hannah has written and talked extensively about her own experience of mental health difficulties and is a relentless campaigner, particularly for bigmoose, a charity helping those struggling with their mental health and through whom Hannah found support. Hannah regularly talks about her experiences and the importance of getting the right help. 

Thank you Hannah for sharing your story with us. 


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