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Fellow Member (FHGI)

Fellowship of the Human Givens Institute is bestowed on Registered members of the Human Givens Institute who have been actively involved and experienced in delivering HG therapies either through private practice or as an employed practitioner and who have demonstrated recent evidence of their commitment to advancing standards and best practice as well as the leadership and development of the Institute, it’s principles and it’s members.

Successful applicants will have demonstrated evidence of such activities within the past three years that may include:

  • Active involvement in research which helps to inform and extend the wider educational base of the Human Givens approach, and/or the Institute for members, and the wider public

  • Regular dissemination of the Human Givens Approach through the medium of taught programmes, written materials, conferences and journal articles

  • Development  and mentoring of more junior members of the Institute through leading regional HGI supervision groups, workshops, seminars and conferences

  • Active engagement in the development of HG strategy and policy through regular involvement with the HG Board and/or designated sub committees.

All nominations for the Fellowship Grade will be directed in confidence to the Professional Standards and Registration Committee who will assess the suitability of the nominee and make a recommendation to the HGI Board. The decision of the Board will be final.  

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