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The Lifting Depression Summit

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Discover why understanding depression is key to recovery

Depression blights millions of lives worldwide – even more so as we struggle with the heightened anxiety and havoc caused by Covid-19 – but the good news is that, unlike the pandemic, most depression can usually be lifted quickly and effectively, in any circumstances.

Join us for this absorbing one-day online conference, where the expert speakers will explain – and demonstrate – exactly how this can be done, answer all your questions about depression, and signpost you to where you can find help or learn the methods covered. Brought to you by the Human Givens Institute, the day also includes sessions containing important information about antidepressants and the latest neuroscientific perspectives on serotonin and inflammation in relation to depression.

The good news is that most cases of depression can be lifted quickly and effectively – without drugs.

The Speakers

  • Ivan Tyrrell – Co-founder of the human givens approach
  • Joe Griffin – Co-founder of the human givens approach
  • Jo Baker – HG College tutor and HG practitioner
  • Ezra Hewing – Head of Mental Health Education, Suffolk Mind
  • Marion Brown – Campaigner and retired HG practitioner
  • Fiona Sheldon – HG practitioner

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To find out more about The Lifting Depression Summit, please visit: The event was recorded, and the replay is now available here.

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