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Concerns Policy

First published: April 2020
Updated: April 2021


From time to time concerns about aspects of registered therapist’s practice may come to the attention of the Registration and Professional Standards Committee in such a way that the normal complaints process is not appropriate. For example, a client may initiate a complaint and subsequently withdraw it for personal reasons, whilst having raised a concern that merits further investigation. The Human Givens Institute may also receive an anonymous but credible notification of concern about some aspect of a therapist’s practice or their dealings with the public.

In such cases the RPSC may decide that the concern is serious enough to warrant further enquiries. This task will be carried out by the HGI RPSC Complaints Manager, supported where appropriate by a member of the HGI RPSC, and will typically involve contacting the therapist in question and discussing the concern. If sufficient grounds are established to substantiate the concern about the professional conduct of the therapist, the HGI RPSC may, for example, require the therapist to address learning points through supervision and provide written evidence of this in the form of a supervision record. The RPSC will reserve the power to take more stringent action if there is a credible risk of harm to the public or to the registered therapist themselves.


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