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Enquiry/Feedback form

Please use the enquiry form below to let us know about your experience of the human givens approach – whether it has been in therapy, education, in the workplace or any other context.

We really appreciate your feedback – it is useful to the Human Givens Institute because it allows us to inform our teaching, professional development of human givens practitioners and the governance of the Institute itself with the experience of people who have worked with human givens practitioners, or who have applied the HG framework and insights in their own work.

Anything you let us know about will be in confidence – only the staff team, members of the board and of the professional standards committees of the Institute will read what you tell us – and any feedback discussed and recorded in documents on the public record will never refer to the individual/s who gave us the feedback.

If your feedback amounts to a complaint about a registered human givens practitioner then please don’t use this channel – instead, follow the separate complaints procedure. Although we get very few complaints, we always take them seriously and use the learning gained from them to inform our ongoing work. 

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