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The stages of qualification and registration as a human givens therapist

Part One of the HG Diploma

This involves the completion of 16 x one- and two-day courses (some of which are available to take online) – the full requirement for Part 1 is detailed on the HG College website.

Part Two of the HG Diploma

For full details of the course requirements for Part Two of the HG diploma.

Once you have passed the examination at the end of the two week training and have completed the required 18 training days (15 prescribed and 3 chosen) that constitute Part One you are permitted to use the title HG Dip.

Note: If you choose to practise privately in order to gain the experience needed for success at Part Three you must designate yourself as HG Dip. (Trainee).

This acts to inform clients that you have yet to demonstrate proficiency in the HG approach to the standard required by the Institute, but that you have demonstrated a good intellectual understanding of the approach. It also demonstrates that you are practising under supervision in accordance with the Institute’s supervision policy and that you are also subject to the HGI’s ethics code and complaints procedure.

Part Three of the HG Diploma

You must pass Part Two and have completed Part One, before taking Part Three of the HG Diploma. You then have 24 months from the final date that you completed both Parts to submit your films of therapeutic practice, along with your case notes etc, to the Human Givens College for assessment.

If you wish to take Part Three after the 24 months have passed, you will be required to either facilitate on the intensive two week diploma training or re-attend the following training days before being allowed to submit your films:

NB. Privately practising therapists who qualified prior to the introduction of this slightly amended scheme and who have not yet passed Part Three have until the end of June 2016 to submit films for part three assessment, after which time they are required to re-attend workshops and seminars as above before submission. From this date also they will be required to designate themselves HG Dip (Trainee) in any publicity or advertising.

Once you have passed Part Three you are permitted to use the title HG Dip P. This designates your competence to practise as an HG therapist. However, there remains a final stage (below) that is designed to provide the public with an assurance that you are also a person fit to practise.

Registration with the HGI

You can apply for registration with the Institute and appear on the public register of human givens therapists only when you have completed Part Three of the HG diploma.

Registration assesses applicants’ fitness to practise and requires a series of declarations that you meet the required standards. The register lists all HGI registrants. However, where registrants do not wish to take private clients or be otherwise available for public contact this can be stated on the website and contact details will be removed from their web page. This enables the HGI to display a complete record of registrants whilst respecting the wishes of therapists/practitioners to take indefinite time out for whatever reason.

View the HGI Educational Standards

> View the HGI Professional Register Policy

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