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The stages of qualification and registration as a human givens therapist

To become a fully-qualified Human Givens practitioner you need to have successfully completed all 3 parts of the HG Diploma training with Human Givens College and fulfilled the HGI’s criteria for Registered Membership.

The HG Diploma is a highly practical and accessible part-time psychotherapy course which has wide-ranging applications and can be completed at a pace that suits you.

Students typically take between 1.5—3 years to complete the training and associated therapeutic practice, depending on their previous professional experience, aptitude and individual circumstances. Some elements of the training are completed online, the rest is taught in person. Students are also expected to carry out home study, including a reading list, and therapeutic practice under close supervision with an HGI-accredited supervisor.

Overview of the HG Diploma

Part 1

The first stage of the HG Diploma involves the completion of 16 different courses (8 online courses and 9 attended 1- and 2-day workshops) on a wide range of mental health, behavioural problems and essential therapeutic skills – the full requirement for Part 1 is detailed on the HG College website

Part 1 was designed in this way so that students can attend one or more of the courses to make sure HG training is right for them before applying for the full Diploma course.

For more detailed information, see:

Guided Learning: 
120 hours   (includes online courses, direct teaching on workshops)
Self-directed Learning: c 45 hours   (start reading list, skills practice, re-reading course notes, HG podcasts & audio downloads, self-reflection, applying for Part 2)


Part 2

This intensive yet highly enjoyable two-week course pulls together, and builds upon, the knowledge and skills you’ve learnt on Part 1, along with home study and therapeutic skills practice. The Part 2 requirements can be found at: Part 2 - bringing it all together.

Once you have successfully passed Part 2’s continual assessment and written examination, which takes place at the end of the intensive two weeks' training, you are permitted to use the title HG Dip.

However, please note:
a) If you choose to practise privately in order to gain the experience needed for success at Part 3, you must designate yourself as HG Dip. (Trainee);
b) It is also an absolute requirement that any trainee who advertises their services online, or elsewhere, must make it clear that they are a trainee every time that the words counsellor/counselling or psychotherapist/psychotherapy are mentioned in relation to themselves.
c) The College recommends to its students that they do not charge for therapy while they are still working towards their Part 3 Practitioners Assessment

This acts to inform 'clients' that you have yet to demonstrate proficiency in the HG therapeutic approach to the standard required by the Institute, but that you have demonstrated a good intellectual understanding of the approach. It also demonstrates that you are practising under supervision in accordance with the Institute’s supervision policy and that you are also subject to the HGI’s ethics code and complaints procedure.

NB. All HG Therapist Trainees, and fully qualified HG practitioners, are encouraged to use outcome-informed measures to monitor the effectiveness of their work.

Guided Learning:  90 hours   (includes direct teaching, ongoing assessment, marking exams, feedback to students)
Self-directed Learning: c 180 hours   (reading list, Diploma Manual, skills practice, exam revision, reading around subject, Part 1 revision before attending Part 2)


Part 3 – becoming fully qualified

This is the final Practitioner Level Qualification of the Human Givens Diploma. Students who have successfully passed Part 2 are able to work, under the careful guidance of an HGI-supervisor, towards taking Part 3. When their supervisor feels they are ready, the student may apply to attend the Part 3 week. Students must take Part 3 within 24 months of passing Part 2.

You have 24 months from the date you completed Part 2 to take Part 3, which consists of attendance on the HG Diploma Week 3 (or in rare cases, submission of filmed therapy sessions, case notes, etc for assessment). For full details, go to: HG College - Part 3

If students wish to take Part 3 after the 24 months have elapsed, as well as their supervisor deeming them ready to proceed, they are required to either facilitate on the intensive Part 2 diploma training or re-attend the following training days before being allowed to take attend the Part 3 week:

Once you have passed Part 3 you are permitted to use the title HG Dip P. This designates your competence to practise as an HG therapist. However, there remains a final stage (below) that is designed to provide the public with an assurance that you are also a person fit to practise.


STUDY TIME – Working towards Part 3
Guided Learning:  c 40 hours   (includes supervision sessions, any tasks set, assessment by supervisor of recordings of therapy sessions, supervision report for Part 3, feedback to student)
Self-directed Learning:  c 300 hours   (including ongoing therapeutic skills practice, reflection, preparation for and delivery of trainee therapy sessions, including note keeping, reading: HG journal, HG Diploma manual & additional material around specific cases, supervision, preparation for supervision sessions and reflection; engaging with material on HGI members site e.g. confidentiality guidance etc.)


STUDY TIME – Taking Part 3
Guided Learning:  c 45 hours   (includes direct teaching, assessment and feedback of therapy sessions delivered on Part 3, feedback on Viva and Personal Development Plan, Part 3 Assessment report)
Self-directed Learning:  c 50 hours   (including: preparation and therapeutic skills practice before attending Part 3, preparing for Viva element, reflection on the week and feedback given, creation of a Personal Development Plan, consideration of feedback in final Part 3 report, discussion of same with supervisor)


Registration with the HGI

You can apply for registration with the Institute and appear on the public register of human givens therapists only when you have successfully passed Part 3 of the HG diploma and met all the HGI’s requirements for Registered Membership. Registration assesses applicants’ fitness to practise and requires a series of declarations that you meet the required standards.

The register, which is accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA), lists all HGI registrants. However, where registrants do not wish to take private clients or be otherwise available for public contact this can be stated on the website and contact details will be removed from their web page. This enables the HGI to display a complete record of registrants whilst respecting the wishes of therapists/practitioners to take indefinite time out for whatever reason.

View the HGI Educational Standards

> View the HGI Professional Register Policy


Interested in finding out more?

If you'd like to talk to someone about the Diploma, the Human Givens College's team are always happy to help. Call +44 (0)1323 811690, Mon–Fri 9.00am–5.30pm (UK) time or send them an email.

Alternatively, you may find the answer you're looking for on the Diploma FAQs page.


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