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HG Newsletter - December 2020

In this issue:


The stories of our lives

The stories of our lives image

The fabric of our lives is spun from the threads of stories stretching back to time immemorial.  We are at the time in the year when the ageless stories from our traditional backgrounds re-surface and are re-told to new and old generations.  The narratives bind us together in community – be that Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jew, Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, Christian ...

Stories have been used to teach deeper meaning in life, with metaphors that uncover more truth within the layers of the narrative. They are a powerful medium which have the ability both to enrich and disempower; to enlighten and obfuscate. Today we are overwhelmed with ‘stories’ and we have to learn to step back, recognise and discern the context in which they (or indeed we) are being used. [read full article]


HGI launches first online summit

The Lifting Depression Summit Image

On Saturday 27th February 2021, the HGI will be hosting its first online conference:  The Lifting Depression Summit – online from 11.00am to 6pm GMT.

This important event – which is in addition to the HGI's planned attended conference – brings together highly experienced HG practitioners and renowned experts in the field of depression who are keen to share their knowledge and insights with you – including HG co-founders Ivan Tyrrell and Joe Griffin, Ezra Hewing, Fiona Sheldon, Marion Brown and Jo Baker.

Together they will cover: powerful human givens understandings about what depression is and what causes it; an examination of the latest scientific understanding of the biology of depression (and how this fits with HG); fascinating case studies demonstrating how the HG approach can quickly lift depression; important information about anti-depressants; how we can help university students who are suffering; and much more.

As part of the event, Joe Griffin has offered to carry out a FREE session of HG therapy with a depressed client, in exchange for the film being shown at the summit.  

If you are interested in taking advantage of this invaluable offer – or know someone who might be – please contact [email protected] for more information.

Not only will this conference raise awareness of the effectiveness of the HG approach in lifting depression quickly and signpost people to HG therapists for further help – it also offers excellent CPD for therapists.

SAVE £30 – with our early bird offer

Please do spread the word – visit to find out more and book your place.  Tickets are only £49 with our Early Bird Offer (full price £79).

PLEASE NOTE: All bookings must be placed via the website.


New HG Journal Issue – Out now!

Human Givens Journal ImageThe latest issue of the HG journal has just been published and is winging its way to subscribers already.

This packed edition features the story of Stevie Noah, who describes how human givens understandings have helped her cope with religious trauma syndrome. HG tutor and therapist, Jennifer Broadley, demonstrates how basic HG principles and practice can quickly help couples struggling with their relationships. Emma Grey shows how HG helps her to help families at grave risk of losing their children to the care system and John Bell reflects on how the Lebanon, his homeland, has been crippled because human innate needs have been ignored.

You can check out the full contents here

The HG journal is one of the most lively, thought-provoking peer-reviewed magazines about psychology, human behaviour and mental health available.  Its round up of the latest research is also a brilliant way to keep your knowledge up to date.

You can subscribe, order your print copy or download your digital PDF edition here.


Context is everything

Context is Everything imageHG co-founder, Ivan Tyrrell is also Director of Strategy at The Conciliators Guild – an organisation that works to bring humanity back to politics.

On 27th January, Ivan and John Bell (Director of The Conciliators Guild, diplomat and mediator, pictured) will be presenting an introductory course on working and living more in context, and how this can help us perceive political and social relations through a wider lens, and achieve greater meaning in our lives.

The course will also look at three examples of working in and out of context, in diplomacy, the media and bureaucracy – you can find out more here


Free therapy clients needed

Photo of therapist

Do you know anyone who could benefit from free human givens therapy?

A significant part of the training on the HG Diploma is the tutors’ demonstration of therapy, with a member of the public, in front of our trainee therapists. We are always extremely grateful to these brave individuals as we consider it an important element of our teaching.

The College is looking for adults who are willing to work with a highly experienced psychotherapist tutor for the benefit of both themselves and the students. Clients are asked to attend on two separate occasions about a month apart.  Travel expenses are payable.

To ensure the sessions are beneficial and safe for the client and the students, it is important that the difficulty is appropriate for live therapy. The sort of difficulties that are suitable for help through live therapy session demonstrations are mild to moderate anxiety and depression; phobias; a single event trauma; desired behaviour change; self confidence etc.  

If you, or anyone you know, is experiencing a difficulty and would like to volunteer, please contact Fiona Heffernan at the College via [email protected] or by calling 01323 811690.


Could you join us as a Diploma facilitator?

Have you completed and passed Part 2 of the HG Diploma but feel you would benefit from attending again?  Perhaps you took Part 2 more than two years ago and need a refresher before moving on to Part 3? 

We are looking for facilitators for our 2021 HG Diploma - Part 2 courses in Bristol and would love to hear from you if you’re interested – please contact Fiona Heffernan at [email protected] on 01323 811690 and she will get back to you in the new year.


HG Office Christmas Hours

After what has been quite a year for us all, the HG office staff will be taking a well deserved break – the office will be closed on Thursday 24th December until 9.00am (GMT) on Monday 4th January 2021.

If anyone you know is in need of help with mental health problems over the holidays, please do refer them to the HGI's register of HG therapists.


Food for thought

“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!”

John Muir  (1838–1914)


No apologies for sharing a familiar sentiment ...


“… grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.”

Reinhold Neibuhr (1892–1971)


Carol Harper - Editor

Whatever you do or wherever you are this holiday season, keep yourselves and those close to you safe and well.  

Wishing you peace and hope in the New Year.

Do get in contact if you have any helpful advice, news or interesting case studies that you think other readers would like to hear about.

Take care, and stay safe

Carol Harper
Human Givens News


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