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Therapeutic teaching techniques

with Pat Capel

As well as being an HG practitioner, Pat has been working as a secondary school teacher for over 25 years: both as a classroom teacher and also working with children with special educational needs. Over this time Pat became increasingly aware that a growing number of those around him - adults as well as children - didn’t have the necessary skills or resources to cope in today’s demanding world. He realised that by combining what he’d learnt from his HG training with his existing teaching knowledge and skills he could make a profound difference to people’s lives – and we’ll explore how in just a moment.

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Resources and recommendations

Pat Capel

Pat Capel blog posts

Emotional Needs Poster

  • Download & print your free Emotional Needs Poster here, or the Children's Emotional Needs Poster here

Emotional Needs Audit (ENA)

Gareth Hughes training (as recommended by Pat)

In-House Training

If you are interested in having Pat or Gareth provide in-house training at your school/college or university, please contact our friendly team on 01323 811690 or email [email protected]

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As you may be aware, after 26 years as editor of the Human Givens Journal, Denise Winn will be stepping down at the end of 2023. Despite advertising for a successor last year, we have been unable to find any one person who could fulfil the role.

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