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HG newsletter - February 2022

In this issue:

Smouldering sibling resentment

smouldering sibling resentmentEvery month, Denise Winn, human givens journal editor, trainer and author writes an insightful blog post for Psychology Today to help raise awareness about the human givens approach and share her therapeutic insights – month on month, her fascinating posts have been promoted by Psychology Today as essential topics. 

This month, Denise shares a very thought-provoking case history:  'Smouldering sibling resentment – a more helpful way to view it'...

“What she did to me was deliberate!” wailed Melanie. “I just can’t forgive her for that.”

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"Getting below the waterline" - of modern human behavior 

Getting below the waterline

Towards the end of last year Ivan Tyrrell was interviewed by American Scott Mann for his popular The Rooftop Podcast... series. Their conversation, which explores below the waterline of modern human behaviour has just been released.  "Modern society moves so fast and our ancient brains struggle to make sense of all the mass technology, materialism, and other distractors that isolate us from our neighbour, our teammates, and even our family. But, here’s the good news. That’s not in our nature to do this. We are actually wired to be social."

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 Antidepressants - what we all need to know


Antidepressants are now prescribed in their millions for depression and a surprising number of other conditions. It’s therefore vital that anyone considering taking such medication – or who cares for, supports or works with someone who is – knows about and is able to recognise the wide variety of physical and psychological effects that these medications can cause.

Learn the full facts and explore options to help avoid harm and dependence...

Join Beverley Thomson, an expert researcher, writer and speaker in the field, to find out the truth about what antidepressants can – and can’t – do, including how antidepressants may affect talking therapies - plus much more...

The workshop is suitable for everyone so please help us to spread the word about this essential event by telling your friends and colleagues. 


New book features HG

Life Coach Nick Hatter, has long been a fan of the human givens approach, which he credits as having helped him with both his own mental health and in his work as a life coach supporting others.

His new book, The 7 Questions, aims to help people who feel they have lost direction in life, or are getting held back by repeating old patterns. Nick hopes it will also help raise further awareness of the human givens approach. We wish him every success with the book's launch.

#Spohntrained Personal Development Podcast with Ivan Tyrrell

Podcast with Ivan Tyrrell

Listen to Nicholas Spohn and Ivan Tyrrell  dive into the basic fundamentals of what it means to be a thriving and emotionally healthy human being. During this podcast, Ivan shares the fundamental necessities that all humans share – as well as what doesn't work about modern psychotherapy, why REM state and dreaming is essential for our health, how trance and hypnosis is essential for learning and even into the nature of consciousness...

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Getting Together - Children's mental health

Childrens mental health week"As our children, or the young people in our care, mature, we need to make sure we adapt our style too. Tempting as it may be to become more authoritative as behaviour gets more challenging, we need to try to resist this instinct. As the child gets older, we should aim for a less authoritative style, enabling the young person’s growing needs for autonomy, control and status to be met in age-appropriate ways..." read more

Our children's mental health awareness page now includes additional resources, including... 

  • Podcast: Improving mental health for young people, one step at a time
  • Video: How to grow psychologically as parents and families

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looking after wellbeing

A message from Emily Gajewski

Tutor Emily Gajewski explains why it's so important that all caring professionals know how to protect themselves from feeling overwhelmed, compassion fatigue and burn out...

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Food for thought

“Use the light that is within you to recover your natural clearness of sight.”


Jane Tyrrell - Editor

I hope you've enjoyed this latest news round-up.

We love to hear from you, so do get in contact  if you have any news, helpful advice or interesting case studies you think other readers might like to know about!

Jane Tyrrell
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