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HG Newsletter - July 2020

In this issue:

The term ‘post covid’ is now being bandied about as if, adventure over, we can all go home for tea, telling tales of thrills, spills and derring-do, and thence get back to ‘normal’. But the oft-ignored voices of research scientists warn that Covid-19, like other respiratory diseases, is here to stay and advise that we learn to live with it as we have all other viruses, rather than expect to conquer and consign it to history.

With that in mind, we must look to hone both our personal and political thinking and behaviours in order to overcome fear, stress and trauma, recognise the danger of polarised thinking and xenophobia, and be mindful of our collective human needs and resources within our global community. 


The curious case of covid consternation

When a young woman came to see me (in my capacity as an HG therapist) I listened with mounting awe as she explained what had led her to my door. Aged 16 she had been home alone when burglars broke in and began to load her family possessions into a van. Quietly locking herself into an upstairs bathroom, she phoned the emergency services, explained the situation and gave location details. She was told to stay hidden until the police arrived, caught the looters and came to find her.

When I applauded her for her amazing presence of mind, resourcefulness, courage and ultimate success (the criminals were caught), she responded with a blank stare and then a jaw drop, as a long overdue re-frame found its mark. Since the event, this young woman had suffered four years of anxietypanic attacks, loss of confidence and the growing symptoms of PTSD, leading to her not attending school exams, thus not gaining entry to the university place for which she had been aiming, not leaving home and not progressing with her life plans. Now overweight and agoraphobic, she described the pain of physically aching for something to change...  [read article]


The Rise of Political Cults

Concilators Guild Logo

The Concilators Guild, which highlights the critical role of basic human needs in politics, is holding its first live online course on The Rise of Political Cults – how to manage the risk of cults and their political consequences in the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic on August 19, 2020.

Cults can take many forms, from the apocalyptic to intense political ideologies, but they are marked by a closed mind, and can clash severely. This course will focus on a better understanding of political cults, how they arise under socio-economic stress, and how greater awareness and attendance to the Human Givens can mitigate this danger.

Today, there is an increasing polarization of political discourse across the world. This inability to perceive diversity is a mark of cult thinking, which goes far beyond apocalyptic groups. If policymakers, mediators and citizens are to avoid polarizing debates and destructive, narrow agendas, there is a need to become more educated about this dangerous phenomenon.

Join course leaders John Bell and Ivan Tyrrell at The Conciliators Guild for this virtual training course on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 (1:30pm to 6pm British Summer Time) about the cult trap, how it relates to our daily politics, and the risks that it poses.


Our lives in trance

Effective learning and behaviour change is crucial to human survival and self-development. It has been so throughout history and continues to be so. To learn, we need an open yet focused mind, otherwise known as a trance state. But in this state we are vulnerable to absorbing all information, both good and bad. An in-depth understanding of what this means for our entranced and rapidly fracturing society, with its constant diet of social media, is becoming ever more urgent.

Our lives in trance image

On Tuesday 28th July, you can join co-founder of the human givens approach Ivan Tyrrell – an expert in trance and hypnosis – live online to find out more about this very human vulnerability. His NEW half-day workshop, Why all learning is post-hypnotic – the role of trance in everyday life covers a wide range of important topics.

To find out more or book a place click here >


Bringing humanity back to politics

Bringing humanity back to politics image

Sue Cook, journalist, broadcaster and author, recently interviewed John Bell, Director of The Conciliators Guild and former UN and Middle East diplomat, about a much needed shift in our politics involving gaining control over our emotional drives.

In this fascinating 45 minute interview Understanding how powerful emotions drive politics, John discusses his diplomatic career and how the human givens approach has deepened his understanding of human needs and motivators, which hold true on the political, global scale as much as within individuals.

John Bell also co-hosted (with Ivan Tyrrell) our online course on political and social conflict: How to overcome fear and political chaos (currently available at 20% off).


Pandemic positives – HG on ITV podcast

“One of the wonderful things about humans is that we are extraordinarily and infinitely adaptable. Throughout history we have adapted to our environment. At the moment there are so many things changing, and at such a fast pace, yet I feel sure we will adapt.”

Coronavirus: what you need to know image

So says psychotherapist and HG practitioner John Halker to ITV Channel's Gary Burgess in this fascinating episode of Coronavirus: what you need to know where John and Gary discuss the potential positives to come out of lockdown, and how we can use what we've learned to appreciate, to prioritise, and to improve society and the way we work.

While the dramatic restrictions have hindered so many freedoms, some have found benefits from the simplification of their daily lives. Could it be that once the lockdown is over, people will look to retain some elements of this newfound simpler form of living? Or will the pace of 'normal' life overrun our best intentions? What are the steps we can take to better appreciate our own lives?

You can listen to John and Gary’s positively interesting conversation in this 16 minute interview ‘How can lockdown improve our lives and the way we work’ (scroll down the list to find it)


Storytime – helping distressed children

Storytime – helping distressed children image

Storytelling has always been a key way of getting information and ideas across, and now this powerfully effective medium is more important than ever. In response to the impact Covid-19 and lockdown have had on many young people, How to create and tell stories that help emotionally distressed children, an inspiring, interactive workshop, will be live online on Tuesday 11th August.  

Suitable for parents and professionals alike, tutor Pamela Woodford will share her wealth of experience as a therapist and author of therapeutic tales for children and adolescents, in what will undoubtedly be a lively and creative workshop. To join in, book your place now – in recognition of the impact lockdown has had on young people, there’s a 20% price reduction on both this course and Miriam Chachamu’s Understanding and treating anxiety in children and teens on Tues 22nd September.


HGI gets RedArc approval

HGI gets RedArc approval image

The Human Givens Institute (HGI) has been added to RedArc’s curated panel of nearly 30 professional bodies, which is used by RedArc’s nurses to select therapies for individuals where external specialist support is needed.  The organisation works with insurers, intermediaries, employers and membership organisations, adding value to insurance products and employee assistance programmes; their nurses give people practical advice and emotional support to help them cope with illness, disability, trauma or bereavement.

Any specialist third parties that RedArc utilises, must meet strict criteria. They have chosen to add HGI to their listing as providers of an effective problem-solving approach aimed at working with the ‘here and now’, which is suitable for individuals who have anxiety and anger disorders, depression, stress, phobias, addiction, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and relationship problems.

As Managing Director Christine Husbands said: “Being able to refer individuals to HGI-approved therapists gives us an additional option … we know that for the right individual, human givens therapy can achieve significant improvements within a very short time frame.”


One last thought

​​​​​​​“Major crises have major consequences,
usually unforeseen….
Future historians will trace comparably large
effects to the current coronavirus pandemic;
the challenge [for us, now] is figuring them out
ahead of time.”

Francis Fukuyama, political theorist,
in Foreign Affairs  (vol 99/ no 4, July/August 2020)

Julia Welstead - EditorWe hope you've enjoyed this update – do get in contact if you have any news or interesting case studies.

With best wishes,

Julia Welstead, Editor
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