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HG newsletter - April 2022

In this issue:

Human Givens Podcast - Episode 27: Why suicide among Veterinarians is a growing problem with Ciaran McAuley

Why suicide among Veterinarians is a growing problem... 

Suicide and non-fatal suicidal behaviour are major public health problems across the world: approximately 1 million people worldwide die by suicide each year. The rate of suicide in the veterinary profession has been pegged as close to twice that of the dental profession, more than twice that of the medical profession, and 4 times the rate in the general population.

Veterinarian Ciaran McAuley joins Jo Baker on our 'ask the expert' podcast to explain and discuss this very important topic... listen here > 

Photo of Jeff and Chloe Smith from The bigmoose project

Bigmoose's Project £1 Million

"It's about saving lives and supporting people as best we can"

Good news – so far, over £42,500 has been raised for Project 1 million through their JustGiving page. All money raised will be invested into delivering therapy, early and timely interventions. The goal is to help people with their mental health, prevent suicide and reduce homelessness.

Bigmoose is a charity and non-profit coffee shop based in Cardiff, founded by father and daughter team Jeff and Chloe Smith. Jeff and Chloe Smith of Bigmoose have teamed up with our HG therapists to help people. Chloe recently explains this to trainee reporter Elizabeth Thomas...

"For us, because Human Givens therapists are just so impactful with the way that they work, we're seeing people only needing three or four sessions. That's where we feel we can make the biggest difference," Chloe said. "We're getting messages every day from people saying things like, 'You guys have saved my life.' I don't understand how it's been so impactful in such a short space of time but it really has. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I probably wouldn't believe it."  

Innsightful Mental Health Program 

The wide application of the HG approach continues...

Photo of two studentsInnsightful is an innovative new program – based on the human givens approach – which helps students stay on top of their emotional, academic and social wellbeing, through its unique, comprehensive program built to address each student's individual needs.

Developed in the USA, the program is different to anything currently offered by Notre Dame University's Counseling Center, which is conducting a pilot run of the 12-week program to help the mental health of its students. The wide reaching and many various applications of HG continue to grow globally... 

Innsightful – and the team behind it – will be featured more fully in the next issue of the HG journal which will be out in June.

NEW training dates & venue

Trauma: Patterns from the past - Live online workshop

Join our expert tutors in-person and live online 

HG College has just released some new training dates which are live on the its website – there are some new live online events coming up too, including Trauma: Patterns from the past. The special live event Antidepressants: what we all need to know had to be postponed unfortunately, as the speaker caught Covid, but we will let you know the new date as soon as possible. 


Our attended diploma-linked workshops in Leeds have proved very popular – we have 3 more coming in May, please book soon if you wish to attend. Find out more > 

How to help children thrive - Live online workshop

Miriam Chachamu's practical live online workshop How to help children thrive – is full of helpful techniques, communication skills and insights to help children deal with difficult emotions, improve their mental health and more... The last date for a while is Tues 10th May - book now to ensure your place. 


Be Inspired... 

at the HGI Conference 

HGI Conference 2022

You've still got time to book for our next conference on 14th and 15th May 2022 in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK. We'd love to see you – it's a great opportunity to network with your peers, hear about important new insights and HG developments, ask questions, get tips for your practice, enjoy thought-provoking discussions and much more...  Our expert speakers, from a variety of fields, will be covering a range of interesting topics, and sharing their expertise and insights with you. To book your place call our friendly team on: +44 (0)1323 811690 

Food for thought

“Peace cannot be achieved through violence,
it can only be attained through understanding.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jane Tyrrell - Editor

I hope you've enjoyed this latest news round-up.

We love to hear from you, so do get in contact  if you have any news, helpful advice or interesting case studies you think other readers might like to know about!

Jane Tyrrell
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