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The Human Givens Institute relies on membership subscriptions to continue and advance its work. If you have found the information on this site helpful and inspiring, why not join us.

Our existing membership is drawn from a great cross-section of people, including: Academia, architecture, business, chaplaincy, charity work, civil service, coaching, connexions, counselling, diplomacy, economics, educational psychology, emergency services, GPs, head teachers, human resources, journalism, law, medical consultants, medical workers, military services, musicians, NHS staff, police, prison workers, psychiatry, psychotherapy, religion, research, social work, specialist therapists, speech and language therapists, students, Surestart, teaching, volunteers, writers, youth offending team members and youth workers.


When the Institute was first founded, membership was restricted to graduates of the Human Givens Diploma (HG.Dip.) course in psychotherapy (it is their professional body) – but soon many more people outside this field wanted to join to express their support and/or be involved in the wider development of the human givens approach, and a general Associate Membership category was duely created.

The more people from the educational, mental health and caring professions that join the Institute, the more it can continue to speak with authority based on the strength of its membership. The Institute's use and effectiveness therefore depends, in part, upon its membership being as representative as possible of both the general public and a wide range of professional disciplines.

The Institute has influence on matters of direct concern to therapists, counsellors and teachers, with members frequently asked to speak about the HG approach at conferences and training events. And its influence continues to spread to other fields.

Our members unite under the idea that greater psychological insight is needed at all levels of society if we are to avoid considerable distress and even more conflict in the future.

We believe that understanding, teaching and applying the human givens approach to children, adults, and within organisations everywhere, has become a priority in these troubled times. The more members of the HGI are involved in originating new thinking where these ideas are applied in crucial areas of concern, such as youth offending, the more likely it is that improvements will come about.

If you too feel the same, we would very much like you to join us.

All professional levels of membership (GHGI, MHGI, FHGI) are drawn from HG.Dip. graduates who invariably have other qualifications and come from a variety of career backgrounds.

How to Join Us

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