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Become a HGI Member

When you join the HGI you are joining a community that cares passionately about the best ways to deliver and promote mental health.

You don’t even have to be an HG practitioner to enjoy the great benefits of being a member of the HGI because you can also join as an associate member. While our professional members are qualified HG psychotherapists and counsellors, or those still in training, our associate membership is made up of people working in different professions, using HG skills alongside their other professional expertise – as well as those who, recognising the immense value of HG insights, are just keen to support our approach in any way they can.

Our varied wider membership currently includes (in alphabetical order) academics, architects, business people, cabin crew, chaplains, charity workers, civil servants, coaches, doctors, diplomats, economists, educational psychologists, GPs, firefighters, head teachers, human resources personnel, journalists, lawyers, members of the armed services, musicians, nurses, occupational therapists, paramedics, police, prison workers, psychiatrists, researchers, social workers, speech and language therapists, students, teachers, volunteers, writers, and youth workers.

We welcome you all!

The more people from different disciplines who join HGI, the more we can continue to speak with authority, based on the strength and diversity of our valued membership. The Institute already has influence on matters of direct concern to therapists, counsellors and teachers, with members frequently asked to speak about the HG approach at conferences and training events. And its influence continues to spread to other fields.

We believe that understanding, teaching and applying the human givens approach with children and adults within organisations everywhere is increasingly crucial in these troubled times. If you feel the same, we do hope you will join us.


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