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Menopause and facing the challenge of that change

with Kim Thomas

"... Desmond Tuto once said "it`s all very well pulling these people out of the river but if we went upstream and worked out why they are falling in" and I think the menopause is a little like that, if we can catch them before they fall in the river and they can set up a good quality lifestyle, getting things in place and that shift, that transition would be so much more comfortable..."

Recently, Menopause seems to be a topic which has been highlighted in women's health - which is fantastic as all women will experience it to some level, at some stage in their life… and even though menopause is a natural part of ageing - it can be a very distressing process to come to terms with. For some, the symptoms and treatment methods are not understood - with many women experiencing unknown perimenopause symptoms for years.

Psychotherapist specialising in helping and supporting her clients manage their menopause - Kim Thomas, joins us to share her knowledge and key insights with you about this very important topic... 

Kim is a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist and a trained Human Givens and Person Centred psychotherapist. Over the years Kim has helped hundreds of individuals move forwards in life. Kim Supports her clients to let go of any old beliefs they may be holding onto. 

Topics covered: 

- What menopause is including perimenopause - understanding is key. 
- How menopause effects women emotionally and physically - and their relationships with partners and loved ones. 
- How to cope with menopause?
- Diagnosing menopause - am I going through the menopause or experiencing something else?
- Menopause symptoms and treatment methods 
- How to regain our sense of control
- How the human givens approach can help
- What lifestyle changes can help
- How to approach someone who is suffering the effects of Menopause
- How can a therapist help - and when to seek help from a therapist


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