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The Network Expands

Just as the Luton study formed the pilot for the development of the HGI PRN, after four years of leading by example in how to approach the gathering of robust practice based evidence, the HGI PRN has itself now widened its remit to encourage many others on the international arena to also set about gathering evidence of the effectiveness of their approach in similar ways.

The HGI PRN now sits within this expanded structure that is known as the Pragmatic Research Network. It is to be hoped that others can learn about the HG research journey and more about HG in this way and a spirit of collaboration will be fostered. More about the new developments can be found on the Pragmatic Research Network blog at

If you have completed the HG Diploma and are interested in participating in the work of the network then please read about it on the blog and at and contact Bill Andrews at [email protected].

Latest News:

Could you help produce this valuable resource?

As you may be aware, after 26 years as editor of the Human Givens Journal, Denise Winn will be stepping down at the end of 2023. Despite advertising for a successor last year, we have been unable to find any one person who could fulfil the role.

Date posted: 13/04/2023