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HGI Practice Research Network

Ongoing monitoring by the HGI Practice Research Network of the results submitted by HG therapists indicates that where clients choose to remain in treatment to an agreed ending they typically stay in therapy with HG therapists for an average of only 3.6 sessions (with the most common number of sessions being 2) and that 90% of our clients see their HG therapist for 6 visits or fewer.

Huge potential savings

As well as being highly beneficial for our clients, this obviously means that the HG approach has the potential to save huge amounts of money for resource-starved organisations. The continuing emphasis on formal research will help the HG approach to become even more widely known and available to the people that need it.

With this in mind, one of the main objectives of the registered charity, the Human Givens Foundation (HGF), is to promote research into the human givens approach, as well as raise the funds to carry that research out.

As a result of the charity's hard work numerous significant research projects have been completed and published. The HGF is now planning a randomised control trial (RCT) of HG therapy.

Latest News:

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Date posted: 14/02/2024