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Improving mental health for young people - One Step at a time

with Alex Kennedy

"What are my worries, what are my strengths, what are my resources, who can help me out with that, it`s about
being self-reflective and breaking it down..."

Hello and welcome to another HG podcast. I’m Jo Baker and I’m part of the HG team. Today I’m going to be talking to our expert Alex Kennedy about Improving mental health for young people - One Step at a time. 

Alex is a qualified human givens psychotherapist who has helped many individuals move forward from periods of difficulty in their life. With extensive experience of working with young people suffering with all forms of emotional distress. As well as his therapeutic practice, Alex is the founder of One Step borders CIC, an organisation which continues to support young people in the Scottish borders with their emotional and mental health.

Alex has previously worked with Children 1st, specializing in enabling children and families to overcome trauma associated with domestic abuse.

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