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HG Newsletter - March 2020

In this issue:

Security, attention, volition, intimacy, connection, status, privacy, achievement, a sense of purpose and meaning: how do you get your emotional needs met? We all find different ways of making our lives work, with varying levels of success, and of course this waxes and wanes over time, especially when circumstances change.

With the whole world now affected by the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we are, of course, all thinking of the physical effects of being ill. But we must also consider the impact on our wellbeing and emotional needs, as countries go into lockdown, schools and workplaces close, gatherings and travel are curtailed, and family, friends and neighbours require practical help and care.

At this testing time it’s vital that all of us attend to our own needs as well as those of others: consider how your emotional needs might suffer, and perhaps put new measures in place. Look to the positives: interruptions to our work and school regimes might be an opportunity to spend more time in nature, enhancing health and fitness, both physical and mental...

It’s elemental, my dear

Whats love got to do with it?

Green space, blue space, vitamin N, the great outdoors, animal therapy, the nature cure: whatever we want to call it and however we want to engage with it, most of us are aware that communing with our natural world is purported to be good for us. But why is time in nature so beneficial and how does it make us feel better? [read article]




HG in a nutshell – raising HG’s profile

In this excellent radio interview HG trained therapists Judith Desbonne and Tiffany Osborne succinctly sum up HG as they talk BBC Somerset’s Charlie Taylor through the overarching HG ideas, human needs and resources and the HG solution-focused therapeutic process from initial contact to resolution.  They give some great examples of the wide range of people and problems 

HGsuccessfully helps, as well as recounting their own career paths that led to completing the HG diploma and using the approach within their own work.

If you get a chance – whether on radio, TV or anywhere else – to promote human givens therapy and help spread word of how beneficial and cost-effective this approach is, it would be greatly appreciated by HG therapists and the many others working hard to raise awareness of how effective it is at bringing much-needed relief to anyone suffering emotional distress.

Let us know...

Suicide Prevention App

Everyone finds different ways to get their essential emotional needs met, and we’d like to invite you to tell us some of yours – or to share your thoughts on which ones you find it most difficult to meet.  Keep an eye out for our posts on social media over the coming days – and please do share your thoughts and our posts.



Coronavirus update

The HG Conference and all HG College training are currently going ahead as planned, but please be assured that the safety of our delegates and speakers is our top priority. We and our UK venues are closely monitoring the situation and carefully following the latest Government and Public Health England advice. We will let you know if anything changes.

Stressed about work?

There are always reasons to be stressed about work – after all it is the source of financial security for the vast majority of us, and can also be either the source of, or put pressure on, our ability to get our other needs met. 

An uncertain or short-term contract can put a massive dent in our sense of control over our life, poor leadership of our work team can undermine our sense of competence and achievement, and of course unemployment can impact our sense of status, purpose and meaning.

New Supervisors Course

And yet times of uncertainty can also be times of opportunity. At its best, work can provide a huge source of fulfilment, meaning, connection and security. By learning what really makes us tick and discussing ways in which to make changes, we can vastly enhance our workplace experience.

On our HG one-day workshop Workplace Stress: the real causes and what you can do about them, tutor Carol Harper ably covers all aspects of work, the underlying causes of stress and what we can do to overcome it and create better working environments for all.

For an invaluable day of learning and discussion, book your place on this year's course, in London on 21st April.

Special Offer on Online Courses

Troubled Young Minds

If you’re likely to be spending a little bit more time at home over the next few weeks, you might like to use the opportunity to catch up on some online CPD, or to delve into one of our specialist interest online courses or webinars.  You’ll find lots of valuable information about stress, anxiety and more.  We’re offering you 15% OFF any online course of your choice, with the code: KEEP-LEARNING.

Offer ends Monday 16th March.  



Ways to help promote HG

Troubled Young Minds

Our HGI website features lots of useful information and pages that you might find helpful to point people to when discussing the human givens approach, including the benefits of HG, what’s different about HG therapy, and the wide range of applications of HG, from running an effective business, to overcoming trauma, to educating our children. 

It can also be very effective to direct people to our library of videos and interviews, podcasts, books* and our biannual HG Journal.

Our free Human Givens: the essentials e-book is also an excellent, instantly accessible introduction to HG.  And please do review HG books you’ve found helpful, as books with lots of reviews get promoted by Amazon!

One last thought

​​​​​​​“The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth
is Nature”

Egyptian temple writing c.4000BC


Julia Welstead - EditorWe hope you've enjoyed this update – do get in contact if you have any news or interesting case studies.

With best wishes,

Julia Welstead, Editor
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