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How untreated trauma can cast a shadow over your future

with Ros Townsend

"... Data on many thousands of cases demonstrate on average 3 out of 4 clients who are treated with the rewind technique derive significant benefit from that treatment  ..."

Suffering from trauma can have a significantly detrimental impact on a person’s mental and physical health, and quality of life. It can also greatly affect the lives of those around them.

During this podcast, trauma and PTSD expert, Rosalind Townsend will be sharing valuable knowledge and key insights to answer and explore the following questions...

What is trauma?

How to know if you’ve been traumatised?
How does trauma affect people emotionally and physically?
Why are some people traumatised by an event whilst others are not?
Why is it important to resolve untreated trauma?
Why is the Human Givens approach so effective for working with trauma
How the rewind technique works; its many advantages and applications
Why is psychoeducation so important when working with trauma?
Can we protect ourselves from trauma?
How can we support others suffering from the effects of trauma?
When to seek professional help
What is post-traumatic growth?
Working with trauma
And so much more...

Rosalind Townsend (Ros) is an experienced psychotherapist and supervisor who combines private therapy work with referrals from Occupational Health and the NHS. She has a special interest in working with those affected by psychological trauma and has worked extensively with members of the blue-light services through Occupational Health and with military veterans, through the veterans charity, PTSD Resolution, of which she is also a Trustee. She is author of the highly regarded self-help book, ‘PTSD: Understanding and Recovery’.

Ros also tutors many training events for Human Givens College, including:

Understanding Trauma - Effective treatment and recovery online course 

Trauma: Patterns of the past - Understanding the causes, symptoms and best ways to treat PTSD live online event 

Guided imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change- an essential skill required for removing phobias, curing PTSD, lifting depression and overcoming addictions or self-harm, and is also useful for raising self-confidence and increasing motivation 1-day workshop

The Rewind Technique: Effective treatment for Trauma (PTSD) and Phobias - 2-day workshop

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