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HG Newsletter - February 2019

In this issue:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Perhaps in response to writing this month’s article on dying and death, I found myself seeking a life-celebrating activity - and found wild swimming. Off the west coast of Scotland in February this is no light undertaking, and I was in some trepidation when I met with the “polar bear club” last Saturday. The waves were high, the wind was strong, there was no sign of a sun in the foreboding sky. It occurred to me that what I was about to plunge in to might be not so much life-affirming as dramatically life-shortening.

After half an hour of jumping, diving, surfing, whooping and, well, very little actual swimming as the waves were too erratic, I came out punching the air: energised, invincible and all-conquering – and with life very much affirmed.

So please, when you read my article about our mortality, consider our vitality too. Is there something you love doing, or would love to try? Then, as Goethe said,

“Begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it”


New podcast

Our new Podcast Series is proving very popular and is a great way to spread useful information about a wide range of issues, as well as raising awareness of the human givens approach. So far we've covered anti-depressants, working with abused children and self-care – do share them with your friends and colleagues.

On today's new podcast we asked Miriam Chachamu: How can we improve children’s behaviour?

Miriam is a family psychotherapist and a human givens practitioner, with many years experience. She has helped numerous children, families and professionals understand and overcome behavioural and mental health problems, and teaches 2 workshops for HG College on Understanding and treating OCD and Understanding and Improving Children's Difficult Behaviour – both of which are coming to London soon.

This is the fourth episode in our 'Ask The Expert' podcast series. Our next few podcasts will discuss subjects as diverse as: self-harm, post-natal depression, running a private practice, intimate relationships and what friendship should really look like.

If you'd like to submit any questions relating to any of the upcoming podcast topics, or have any suggestions for future subjects, please email [email protected]


Body image expert?

On that note, we're seeking an expert for a podcast on 'Why appearance and body image matters – and why do eating disorders arise?'

We would very much like to broadcast this in May to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week. If anyone would like to put themselves forward as an expert on this subject, please get in touch with Gemma as soon as possible. Many thanks.


HG ideas spreading in Canada

HG trained clinical psychologist, Dr Shona Adams, who presented her research 'Human Givens Rewind Treatment for PTSD and Sub-threshold Trauma' at last year's HGI Conference, is now back in her native Canada, where she is actively introducing the HG approach to her students:


“I'm teaching a class on ‘Abnormal psychology’ (about the different psychological disorders) at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and have 160 students in the class. Throughout the course I am using the HG approach as a framework for explaining the disorders. For instance, in relation to eating disorders I have shared my article on Molar memories with my students, for study and discussion. As a result interest in HG concepts and courses is growing among my students and fellow tutors in Vancouver, as well as in the associated books: a selection of which the HG office have kindly donated to the Simon Fraser University library.”

Shona has also just heard that her article "Human Givens Rewind trauma treatment: Description and conceptualisation” has been accepted for publication in the Mental Health Review Journal. Publication usually takes a few months but she has assured me she'll let us know when it's available. She also has more articles on the efficacy of Rewind in the process of being published in other peer-reviewed journals.

Many thanks to Shona for her hard work in promoting and helping raise awareness of HG in Canada, along with our other Canadian HGers – we love hearing how people are finding the information and ideas helpful all around the world.


Keep up-to-date – with over 50% off

Did you know you can re-take any HG College course you've done before at more than 50% OFF?

If you trained with us a while ago, it's a great way to refresh your skills and keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge incorporated in our courses.

For instance, the rewind protocol taught on the now 2-day Fast Trauma and Phobia Cure workshop has been further refined in recent years – other workshops too, include additional information. If you'd like to know more, or to book a place, please contact the HG College office on +44 (0)1323 811690. You can view all courses here


Preparing for the inevitable

“ this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”

So goes the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin in 1789 in a letter where he described the newly established American Constitution as having “an appearance that promises permanency”.

But of course nothing is permanent and nothing is certain in life, except that our mortal, embodied life, as we know and understand it so far, ends in physical death. When?

That’s the big unanswerable question: the uncertainty of which can cause us debilitating fear or a ‘head in the sand’ attitude of ignoring the inevitable ....

Read full article


One last thought

“If we lose love and self-respect for one another, this is how we finally die”

Maya Angelou 


Julia Welstead - EditorWe hope you've enjoyed this update – do get in contact if you have any news or interesting case studies.

With best wishes,

Julia Welstead, Editor
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