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Videos & Radio Interviews

The Human Givens YouTube Channel has a range of talks and film clips available.

You can also watch the following FREE lectures on the HG College website:

  • Why do we dream?
    Joe Griffin reviews past theories and new research findings (all of which add further evidence in support of his ground-breaking theory) as he tells the riveting story of how he solved the mystery of our dreams... 
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  • Dreaming, daydreaming and creativity
    Ivan Tyrrell's fascinating talk from the HG Diploma course throws new light on our evolution as he explains the crucial role of the REM state and much more...
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  • Is it possible to build resilience to stress?
    Resilience has become a buzzword in mental health and corporate well-being – but what does it mean and why are some people more resilient to stress than others?
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BBC Somerset Radio Interviews

Charlie Taylor interviews Judith Desbonne and Tiffany Osborne about the human givens approach to therapy and its many benefits.  (First aired:  February 2020)


Dublin City FM Radio Interviews

Brian Greene interviews Sue Saunders about the human givens (HG) approach to treating mental illness, human givens counselling and more...  (First aired: 13th February 2018)


Brian Greene talks to Dr Andrew Morrice (HG tutor and General Practitioner) about the Mind-Body Connection, the human givens approach and the important relationships between the 'three big E’s: emotions, exercise & eating, and our mental health and physical health. (First aired: 24th April 2018)


Brian Greene chats with Jennifer Broadley (Human Givens psychotherapist with private practices in Aberdeen and Dundee) to discuss how couples therapy works, the differences between the male and female brain and 3 top tips to help relationships, marriages and couples thrive - as well as an explanation about how to apply the human givens approach in couples therapy. (First aired: 30th May 2018)


The most sense you’ll ever hear about psychotherapy!

Ivan Tyrrell and Joe Griffin introduce the central organising idea behind the Human Givens approach. This video is from the opening lecture on the two week Human Givens Diploma course.

The Human Givens Diploma is a highly practical psychotherapy course that is revolutionising the successful treatment, understanding and prevention of the mental and emotional health issues that affect all human beings. To find out more about the Diploma, visit:

Latest News:

SCoPEd - latest update

The six SCoPEd partners have published their latest update on the important work currently underway with regards to the SCoPEd framework implementation, governance and impact assessment.

Date posted: 14/02/2024