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What people say about human givens

“I would recommend the human givens approach to anybody for anything – anywhere, anytime and any place – it’s a lifeline.

"As well as my medico­-legal work, I have worked in Bosnia with the women victims of war, those who have been in the rape camps. I also work with the IRA, and with amputees. Helping people to adapt to whatever situation they find themselves in has been running through my whole professional and personal life.

"HG is hugely beneficial wherever we go with it as it gives us the ability to go into any situation and help effectively. Knowledge of the human givens approach allows us to understand what’s going on internally, whatever the external circumstances, and therefore have the capacity to stay with difficult conversations and situations and find solutions."

Sue Hanisch
Medico-legal consultant, former NHS occupational therapist


“No matter who comes through my door, I know that I can enable that person to help themselves. Together we can take a step back from whatever the problem is and use the human givens framework to look at the situation and find solutions.”

Gail Rhodes
Human Givens Therapist and Nurse


“The impact of human givens training has been unbelievable – positive, quick results which enable distressed people to engage in quality of life once more. ”

Army Welfare Officer


"Please thank everyone involved with the human givens approach for making coherent sense of what was, and still is for many people, a right old muddle. It seems to bring all the relevant information about what it is to be human together into a simple whole that enables us to see ourselves and get ourselves together. In an insane age it provides more than a glimmer of human hope."

Webinar attendee


"The human givens approach is completely and seamlessly integrated into the way I work as a GP, and I would certainly feel lost and disabled without it.
"There is no doubt that the information on issues like depression, anxiety, anger, addiction is invaluable, as well as the general model, which I use multiple times a day in my work, probably in some respect with every patient I see, even if only to calm them down if they are anxious or agitated about coming to see the doctor!"

Dr Andrew Morrice
General Practioner, UK


“Practical and empowering – a genuine breath of fresh air in the world of psychology and therapy.”

Senior Mental Health Practitioner


“Thank you! The human givens approach is making a difference to so many lives due to your common sense approach to mental health problems.”

SEN TA/Counsellor


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