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HG Newsletter - June 2017

In this issue:


As the world is rocked from one attrocious terrorist attack or conflict to another, we desperarately need a new direction, one based on sound psychological knowledge which explains what drives people to do what they do and shows where the solutions might lie. It is with this aim that The Concilliators' Guild has joined forces with Human Givens College to present a ground-breaking new course in London this month…



A new approach to tackling radicalisation and conflict resolution…

Many people are beginning to recognise that the human givens insights could have a profound impact if they were more widely understood and acted upon.

“This new paradigm [human givens] is the perfect antidote to many dilemmas facing diplomats today. Much else has been tried and failed. It's time to meet people's needs before they fall into the hands of extremists.”
Michael Bell, former Canadian Ambassador to Egypt, Israel and Jordan

John Bell and Ivan TyrrellOn Saturday June 10th, in London, former Diplomat John Bell and Ivan Tyrrell are presenting a unique workshop: Fear and Political Chaos: How to bring clarity to societal upheaval through the lens of innate human needs – it's open to anyone interested for personal or professional reasons.

​​​​​​If you're concerned about the world today – the increase in radicalisation, polarised politics, terrorism, civil unrest and the suffering of countless refugees – join us for this important event. It will give you the opportunity to delve more deeply into the wider implications of the human givens approach and offers powerful new directions for a way out of the chaos we find ourselves in...

PLEASE NOTE – This course was filmed and is now available as an ONLINE COURSE  >

“I can attest to the ‘Human Givens’ approach. Unless the ‘givens’ are listened to and respected, you cannot truly help others… this approach is universally applicable.”
James Larocco, former Head of Multinational Forces of Observers, Sinai, and former American Ambassador to Kuwait



​​​​​​PSA accredited registers listed on NHS websites

HGI PSAThe Human Givens Institute's (HGI) professional register of human givens therapists is accreditated in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA).

The PSA mark of quality assures the general public, service commissioners and employers that Human Givens practitioners belong to a register vetted and approved by an independent statutory body.

As a result of the PSA's work in raising awareness of its accredited registers, the HGI's register is now listed on several NHS websites, see below:

and the importance of finding a counsellor or therapist who is on a PSA-accredired register is highlighted here:



Just What We Need: new training dates

Just What We NeedJUST WHAT WE NEED’ is a therapeutic group approach using a Human Givens framework.

This innovative, creative and active programme focuses on helping individuals to understand what their emotional needs are, to identify their unmet needs, strengths and skills (their resources), to learn new ways of perceiving difficulties and challenges and to identify and set their own goals for change.

The next two facilitator courses will run in Milton Keynes on the following dates:

18th - 21st September 2017 AND
5th - 8th March 2018
Refreshments & Programme Manual included
Total Cost: £600.00

For more information and to register please contact facilitators:
Carmen Kane: 07812 030869 [email protected]
Linda Hoggan: 07870 288321 [email protected]



The Uses and Abuses of Hypnosis

Online webinar - The uses and abuses of hypnosisHG College has added another webinar replay to its online courses website.

The Uses and Abuses of Hypnosis webinar contains invaluable information for anyone in the caring professions, as well as the general public.

Hypnosis is one of the most valuable psychotherapeutic tools available – but few understand that it has an equally strong potential to harm patients and more...

Click here to find out more



Also of interest this month

Women, Men and PeaceHG Therapist Sue Hanisch is organising a 3-day workshop on family constellation work in Conventry Catherdral from 16th–18th June.

The event is called 'Women, Men and Peace' – you can find out more about it at

Mastering our emotions – potential training opportunity in the therapeutic applications of the Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM).

In a recent edition of the Human Givens Journal (volume 23, no 1), Dr Jane Jones interviewed the originators of PEM. In the article Stephan Perdekamp and Sarah Victoria explained how their technique, which originated in the world of acting, enables people to recognise and manage innate emotional movement patterns, which can lead to better health.

The founders of the PEM approach are rarely in the UK, but are planning to hold introductory workshops this month in London – click here to read more information supplied to us by Jane Jones.



One last thought...


“Opinion is usually something people have when they lack comprehensive information”

Idries Shah

Jane Tyrrell - EditorWe hope you've enjoyed this edition of the Human Givens e-newsletter – if you have any news you think our readers would like to hear about, do get in touch. We love to hear from you.

With best wishes,

Jane Tyrrell, Editor
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