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Trainee Membership


Trainee Membership of the HGI (previously known as Graduate Membership or GHGI) is open to anyone who has passed Part 2 of the Human Givens Diploma – it is a pre-requisite for those seeing clients.

Most Trainee Members are working towards taking their Practitioner Level Assessment (Part 3 of the Diploma) which fully qualifies them to work as a human givens therapist and upgrade to Registered Membership.  

Please note: Where this is the case, trainees must make their status as an 'HG Trainee Therapist' or 'HG Trainee Counsellor' clear to potential clients, list their diploma qualification as HG.Dip.P. (Trainee) and always refer to themselves in full as a 'Trainee Member of the HGI'.  Trainees are able to work with mild to moderate conditions (unless they have additional relevant qualifications), and will refer you on to a registered therapist if they think you require more experienced help. Most trainee therapists do not charge. 

Benefits of Trainee Membership

  • Access to the HGI website's Professional Members' Area with its various resources, news, information and important updates for HG Therapists
  • Listing on the Trainee Therapists Directory on the HGI website – this will be launched on our new website in due course
  • Use of the Trainee Membership version of the HGI logo – please see above note about always ensuring clarity of your trainee status
  • Personalised HGI stationery PDF artwork ready for printing – includes: sales leaflet, letterhead, business card, compliment slip and receipt pad
  • The opportunity to connect with experienced HG therapists for mentorship and support by joining an official HGI Peer Supervision Group
  • Advanced invitation to HGI conference and any other special HGI-hosted events
  • Regular membership bulletins with the latest news and updates for your practice
  • Advance information about forthcoming events, publications and research connected with the HG approach
  • Special offers on HG College CPD training
  • Certificate of membership (renewed annually)
  • DBS Clearance - ability to apply for a DBS Clearance via the HGI
  • Professional membership of HGI also means we will guide you throughout your career, ensuring that your practice is kept up to date and you have access to advice about professional practice. We also promote the professional interests of HG practitioners, through the HGI’s links with government agencies and other key organisations.


  • Agreement to HGI ethics policy
  • Agreement to HGI professional conduct policy
  • Completion of annual Continuous Professional Development and submission of CPD record card
  • Regular supervision with an accredited HG supervisor

If seeing clients:

  • Professional indemnity insurance (copy of current certificate)
  • Fitness to Practise declaration
  • Written confirmation of your DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate (if relevant) indicating level of disclosure.

Annual Fee


This can be paid via bank transfer, standing order or card. Details are on your application form.

How to join

If you meet the eligibility requirements above and haven't yet received your invitation to join the HGI (or you have misplaced it), please contact the HGI Membership Secretary on +44 (0)1323 811662 or via email: [email protected].

Please note.  If you have been the subject of any substantiated complaint, in any previous formal role, or have any pending or current court or disciplinary proceedings against you, then this will need to be declared when you apply to register for Trainee Membership of the HGI. Depending on the circumstances and outcomes, this may affect your eligibility to join. If you would like to discuss whether this applies in your own circumstances, please contact us.

Processing applications

All applications received will be acknowledged and processed as soon as possible. Once your application has been processed you will receive your login details for the HGI website’s Members Area, your HGI Trainee Membership logo and certificate.

Change of Address / Supervisor

If you change your name, postal address, email address or supervisor please let the Institute know at once so we can keep your records up to date and you will continue to receive your Members’ Bulletin and any other relevant information.


Updated July 2024

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