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Supporting clients with long COVID

with Jayne Timmins

"...lots of people who have definitely got long COVID are being
given anti-depressants..."

Long COVID is a pressing public health issue that needs more attention. With a wide range of symptoms and no standard definition, many are suffering without proper diagnosis or treatment. In this podcast, Jayne Timmins offers valuable insights on how to move forward from Long COVID with practical skills for relieving stress, depression, loneliness, chronic fatigue, and more. Let's raise awareness and support those struggling with this complex condition.

About Jayne Timmins:

Jayne is an experienced Human Givens therapist and supervisor based in Carmarthenshire where she has worked in a variety of different settings including schools, as well as with young people outside of the education system, in GPs surgeries and also for Dyfed Powys Police as their counsellor and psychological services coordinator.

For many years Jayne worked as a nurse both within the NHS and the Care Home sector. Now retired from nursing Jayne runs a successful private practice and also lectures on a counselling degree at the University of Wales Trinity St David’s where she teaches modules on neurobiology and trauma.

During the pandemic many Covid-19 patients developed a myriad of acute medical problems, some of which required invasive treatment but even in cases that didn’t, in much milder cases, patients have been surprised by some of the mid- and long-term consequences requiring rehabilitation. Whilst there has been research and there are some evidence based approaches out there, there is still so much we are yet to understand and there is an increasing interest in the role of rehabilitation both from a medical and a psychotherapeutic approach in patients’ recovery. The interest of course is further fuelled by how the consequences of quarantine, social isolation, movement restriction, and healthcare systems’ disruption also play their part.

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