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Supporting people through fertility treatment

with Sarah Denning

"... one of the incredibly successful treatments, if it`s appropriate is a rewind on previous loss, previous trauma and previous treatment trauma, I`ve had some unbelievably good outcomes from that. It changes women`s ability to go on with treatment when they are not carrying all of the grief from previous losses and treatments and for some women that can be many ..."

Hello and welcome to another HG podcast. I’m Jo Baker and I’m part of the HG team. Today I’m going to be talking to our expert Sarah Denning about supporting people through fertility treatment.

Sarah qualified as a midwife in 2001 and as a birth trauma therapist in 2018 and has worked both within the NHS and in private practice for the last 20 years.

More recently Sarah’s career has taken her into fertility nursing in an IVF clinic.

Fertility problems can be the most distressing experiences for anyone who wants a child. It is a shock, completely changing people’s perception of themselves and their imagined future selves as parents. Patients can struggle with their emotions, a sense of loss as well as intense anxiety about treatment.

Recognising the need for additional support Sarah set up an emotional wellbeing clinic to complement the counselling service, providing patients with much-needed support and guidance.

"I was really happy with the support I received from the counsellor and found the type of treatment was different to anything I had tried before. I felt like my counsellor understood my situation and was able to provide the best type of support for my needs. I had a much better experience than previous GP referrals to counselling. I really appreciate that there is counselling available specifically for people going through IVF. It would have made a big difference to me if that kind of specialised support had been offered by the hospital/midwife."


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