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Human Givens and a flourishing society

with Dr Gareth Hughes

"...The metaphor that gets used is...  if you think about an orchestra, lots of different instruments playing different notes at different times in a different rhythm and it produces music, it provides harmony and that's how society needs to work, we need to make space for all this diversity to come together to produce music but of course, it only does this if we are all playing the same piece..."


"Society exists to promote and maintain the wellbeing of it's citizens so they can flourish" Aristotle

This insightful and thought-provoking episode with Dr Gareth Hughes explores a range of important questions including: what is society for? Why do we need a healthy society? How has a healthy society changed over time? How can the human givens approach help to create a flourishing society? 

During their stimulating discussion, Jo Baker and Dr Gareth Hughes also explore the essential elements needed for a fulfilling life:  wellbeing, purpose, pleasure, harmony, emotional needs, mental health and more. 

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Gareth is a human givens psychotherapist, researcher, nationally recognised expert on university mental health and wellbeing, Fellow of the HGI and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA) and Educational Director for the Human Givens College.


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