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The External Oversight Committee for Human Givens Therapy (EOC)

Author: EOC

Published: 2015; Last updated: 9.19

The Committee's purpose

To ensure that the public interest is protected in the advancement of the safe and effective use of human givens therapeutic interventions, in general, and in particular, where individuals seek professional help as a result of social, emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties.

Members of the External Oversight Committee for Human Givens Therapy:

  • Julie Farmer (Chair)
  • Harold Mozley (Lay Member)
  • Jenny Waddington (HG Practitioner)
  • Zoe Williams (Lay Member)

Main activities of the Committee

The committee will:

  • adjudicate complaints against the Human Givens Institute (HGI) in accordance with its published procedures;
  • adjudicate appeals by members of the HGI whose application to join the HGI Professional Register has been turned down by the HGI Registration Panel in accordance with its published procedures;
  • Keep under review:
    • the identification of potential conflicts of interest between the Human Givens College (HGC) and the HGI and advise on action to mitigate against these risks;
    • the HGI Risk Matrix and the annual assessment of risk undertaken by the HGI Board;
    • the overall pattern and any trends in complaints against individual therapists brought to its attention by the HGI Board, (in association with the RPSC) and where appropriate, advise on corrective action;
    • the information provided in the HGI Professional Register, to ensure that it is helpful to potential clients and other members of the public in terms of its accuracy, transparency, currency and balance;
    • the public interest element (that is, ethical marketing, finance and practice management) of the competencies required for the titles: ‘Human Givens Practitioner’, ‘Human Givens Counsellor’, ‘Human Givens Therapist’, ‘Human Givens Supervisor’ and any others proposed by HGI.
  • make recommendations to the HGI about all of the above issues and any new, or amended existing standards that HGI proposes (including its Code of Ethics and Practice)
  • report to the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) any unreasonable refusal by HGI to implement the External Oversight Committee for Human Givens Therapy’s recommendations.

Complaints against the Human Givens Institute

If you wish to make a complaint the Human Givens Institute itself (as opposed to an individual human givens therapist), please read the following document EOC complaints procedure and complete the EOC complaints form

Note: If you have a complaint against an individual human givens therapist, please follow the HGI complaints procedure.


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