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HGI Practice Research Network study


The NHS Luton study acted as the pilot project for a wider six-month study involving 30 HG therapists working in a wide variety of settings up and down the country (in either private practice or publicly funded practice), conducted between October 2007 and March 2008.

Participating practitioners committed to monitor outcomes for all clients seen over the six month period using the valid and reliable CORE outcome measures and shared annonymized data across the internet using the sophisticated online CORENET system ( as the research tool.

The results from this study were found to compare very favourably with the Luton study results.

Ongoing HGI PRN study

The HGI Research Practice Network was set up by Bill Andrews in association with the Human Givens Foundation to both raise awareness of the need for formal research and develop the use of progress and outcome measures in practice. The CORE system of measurement has been adopted as the research tool of choice as CORE is already well established within many UK primary care settings and is acceptable to the Department of Health as a validated reliable system.

HG therapists also use the Emotional Needs Audit (ENA) to help evaluate which of their client's emotional needs are not being met.

From April 2008 to the present, many of the practitioners involved in the original six month evaluation have carried on to contribute their data and many others have joined the network, this is building up a huge data resource.

All new human givens therapists and practitioners are invited to contribute their data on an ongoing basis. The results are kept up to date on an annual basis and published on the network website at

5 years data analysis

The first five years of data collected within the HGI PRN was processed by an independent international team led by Takuya Mainami from the University of Madison, Wisconsin. Takuya is a leading expert in the field of benchmarking and the findings from this study provided a major contribution to the knowledge and evidence base for the HG approach.

This research has now been published, click here for details.

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Date posted: 14/02/2024