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Accredited Membership

MHGI (Accred)

Accredited Members are fully-qualified registered HG psychotherapists or counsellors who have also demonstrated that they meet the requirements for Column B of the new SCoPEd framework for psychotherapy and counselling – read more. They appear on the HGI's Professional Register of Human Givens Practitioners, which is accredited by the PSA in the UK.  (See: HGI Professional Register Policy).


You can apply to upgrade your membership to become an Accredited Member if you are a fully qualified HG practitioner, meet the HGI’s conditions for professional membership, and can demonstrate the necessary competencies for SCoPEd Column B, including meeting the practice requirements. The application form and guidance on completing the form can be found in the members area (under Essential Information).

The application form has been designed to support your development and reflection. It is in three sections:

  • Practice requirements
  • Competencies
  • Case studies

You will be required to provide evidence that you meet the practice requirements (including hours of therapy practice and training) alongside a statement from your supervisor. In the competencies section you will be asked to draw on your own casework to demonstrate that you meet those competencies in SCoPEd Column B that are not already taught and assessed within the HG Diploma. In the final section, you will be asked to draw upon your learning and experience to respond to three case studies. Some of your original Diploma training hours count towards Column B’s requirement.

Benefits of Accredited Membership

  • Accredited Member registered HG Practitioner status
  • SCoPEd Column B status – many employers are now requesting this
  • Entry on to the HGI's official International Register of fully-qualified and approved human givens therapists, which is accredited in the UK by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) – many UK organisations, including the NHS, now recommend all PSA-accredited registers
  • Individual Online Register Therapist page (with name, contact information, specialist areas, biographical details, optional location map, full biographical details and any relevant links)
  • Use of the Accredited Membership version of the HGI logo – and the PSA logo, if you practice in the UK
  • Use of the letters 'MHGI (Accred)' after your academic qualifications
  • Personalised 'MHGI (Accred)' stationery PDF artwork ready for printing – includes: sales leaflet, letterhead, business card, compliment slip and receipt pad
  • Access to the secure HG Professional Members' Area — includes various resources, such as practical advice, essential information and helpful downloads, latest news, job opportunities etc.
  • The opportunity to connect with highly experienced HG therapists and your peers for support and mentorship by joining an official HGI Peer Supervision Group
  • Advanced notice and invitations to the HGI's bi-annual conference and any other special HGI-hosted events
  • Regular membership bulletins with the latest news and updates for your practice
  • DBS Clearance - ability to apply for a DBS Clearance via the HGI
  • Special offers on HG College CPD training
  • Invites to attend special one-off HGI CPD events
  • Professional membership of the HGI also means we will guide you throughout your career, ensuring that your practice is kept up to date, you have access to advice about professional practice and to representation in the event of a complaint against you. We also promote the professional interests of HG practitioners, through the HGI’s links with government agencies and other key organisations
  • The chance to play a fuller part in promoting HG ideas and practice by putting yourself forward to sit on one of our committees, when an appropriate vacancy arises
  • Certificate of membership (renewed annually).


  • Agreement to uphold HGI ethical standards
  • Agreement to HGI professional conduct policy
  • Completion of annual Continuous Professional Development and submission of CPD record card
  • Supervision requirement with an accredited HG Supervisor

If also in private practice:

  • Professional indemnity insurance (copy of current certificate)
  • Fitness to Practise declaration
  • Written confirmation of your CRB certificate (if relevant) indicating level of disclosure.

How to upgrade

If you would like to apply for Accredited Membership, please complete the relevant application form in the Members Area and read the accompanying guidance.  If you have any questions about your application, please discuss these with your supervisor.  There is no time limit within which you need to apply to upgrade your membership.

Once you have completed the form and gathered all the required supporting evidence to back up your application, please send it to the Membership Secretary by email to: [email protected].


There is a one-off application fee of £275 to apply for Accredited Membership, this covers the assessment and administration. 

Once your application has been approved, you will continue to pay your annual membership fee of £150 at the same time you usually renew your membership.  

Processing applications

All applications received will be acknowledged and processed as soon as possible. Once your application has been approved, your register listing will be updated to reflect your new status and you will receive your new HGI Accredited Membership logo and PSA logo (if applicable), and membership certificate. 

Change of Address / Supervisor

If you change your name, postal address, email address or supervisor at any point, please let the Institute know at once so we can keep your records up to date and you will continue to receive your Members’ Bulletin and any other relevant information.


Updated July 2024

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