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Exploring sleeping and dreaming

with Joe Griffin

"Sleep is not just necessary for survival, we need to get the right amount of sleep and the right balance"

Our latest expert is Joe Griffin as a guest on our podcast - in which he will be answering our audiences' pre-submitted questions about sleep and dreaming. 

Joe Griffin is a psychologist, with many years’ experience both in psychotherapeutic practice and in training psychotherapists (for the Human Givens College). Over the last two decades, as co-developer of the human givens approach to psychology and behaviour, thousands of health professionals have enjoyed his practical workshops and seminars on brief therapy for treating anxiety related disorders, depression, trauma and addiction. Since it is widely recognised that much mental distress comes from work related stress he is increasingly in demand by businesses to help them run more effectively by taking account of the innate needs of customers, employees, suppliers, owners and shareholders.

For many years the Educational Director of the College, he is at the leading edge of skills-based therapy research and practice. He is widely recognised as one of the most informed and entertaining speakers on human behaviour and is also co-author, with Ivan Tyrrell, of numerous books and publications. including Why we dream: The definitive answer, and other books on treating anxiety and depression.


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