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HG newsletter - June 2022

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‘Inside Looking Out’

Improving mental health outcomes for men on release

Photo of man sitting in prison

The Just What We Need 12 week therapeutic programme – which is based on human givens principles and was originally developed by human givens therapists to help struggling parents – has been successfully adapted for a range of different groups in society.

Most recently this included a pilot group with its own very particular needs and challenges – the prison population – its specific aim being to improve mental health outcomes for men on release.

‘Inside Looking Out’ focused significantly on helping the men understand their emotional needs and individual resources, and key areas of emotional awareness, combining clear psychoeducation with interaction, the aim was for participants to know and understand themselves and others better – vital transferable life skills.

Due to the nature and constraints of the environment, the initial course was adapted from 12 to 4 weeks and then a second pilot of 6 weeks. Core 10 and PRN14 outcomes were used to measure change. All participants evaluated the programme at 3 on a scale of 1-4, and all expressed that they would recommend it to others...

 “It helped me consolidate my position in the prison amongst fellow prisoners, it also provided the first opportunity to tell my loved ones I was receiving support”

 “On release I would like to find a course like this. I have made a list of things I would like to do in the future”

Just What We Need Programme > 

Talking about the menopause

Human Givens Podcast - Episode 28: Menopause and facing the challenge of that change with Kim Thomas

– and the challenges it brings

The menopause has been in the news a lot recently, bringing better awareness of an aspect of ageing that can seriously affect the quality of life of some women, and even impact on their partners and families. Although natural, it can be a very distressing process to come to terms with: the symptoms and treatment methods are not always understood – and many experience distressing perimenopausal symptoms without realising what they are.

Kim Thomas, is an HG psychotherapist who specialises in helping and supporting her clients manage their menopause – she joined Jo Baker to share her knowledge and key insights with you about this important topic on our latest podcast.

Listen to the podcast here > 


Special one-off live online event

Antidepressants: What we all need to know

New Anti-depressants workshopWe're delighted to be able to report that Beverley Thomson, a well-known expert speaker, researcher and writer on the subject of antidepressants, is now well on the road to a full recovery after contracting covid (which meant the original date for this event had to be postponed) and ready to present again.

The new date for this special live online event is now Thursday 14th July.  Places are still available, and there will be a recording for anyone who can't attend the full day.

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Also coming soon live online...

How to create healing stories for distressed children
Learn how to create suitable metaphors and stories on the spot!
Tuesday 14th June
find out more

How to help young people who self harm
A 3-hour live webinar for parents, carers and welfare professionals
Tuesday 21st June
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How to reduce suicide risk
Practical, empathetic training on how best to help people who are suicidal
Tuesday 28th June
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How to build a successful private practice
Essential business and marketing skills, time-saving devices, pricing tips and much more
Tuesday 5th July
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You can’t make your kids have counselling...

or talk about what you want them to talk about

In one sense, attending counselling is a bit like going to school. Although technically, in the UK, the parent of a child under 16 can indeed ‘require’ their child to attend counselling, just as the law determines that an under-16 must attend school, in neither case can the child be forced to derive benefit from being there...

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2023 Dates 

Human Givens College Diploma Part 2 

Photo of recent Human Givens Graduates

Part 2 of the 3-part Human Givens Diploma course consists of ten days of highly-focused and enjoyable work, plus home study and skills practice.
Our Part 2 courses tend to fill up quickly. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you send in your application form for your preferred date as soon as possible – or to contact Fiona Heffernan at the HG office to let her know.

What you will learn on the Diploma

To view 2023 dates, click here > 



Food for thought

“Ignorance is servitude and knowledge gives hope.  But only understanding is freedom.”

Idries Shah, writer and thinker

Jane Tyrrell - Editor

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Jane Tyrrell
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