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HGI listed on NHS websites

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The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care's (PSA) accredited Registers – which include the HGI's Professional Register, are now explicitly listed by the NHS, and the rigour of the PSA Accredited Register programme is actively promoted.

The NHS Employers website has recently added new content detailing the use and benefits of PSA Accredited Registers, at:

It is gratifying to note that all PSA Accredited Registers, including the HGI Register, are listed on the above website, as it will encourage employers not to prejudice any application for work on the basis of one register over another.

Health Education England has also recently amended information on the NHS Health Careers website to be in line with the above and to promote inclusive hiring practices – the HGI Register is also now listed here too, on the Counsellor page under ‘Entry Requirements and Training’.

In addition, the online NHS Choices information has recently been changed to include reference to PSA Accredited Registers.

However, since the NHS Choices website cites just two registers as specific examples, the HGI is taking urgent steps to ensure that all accredited counselling and psychotherapy registers are listed, including the HGI, or failing this, that just a link to the relevant section of the PSA website is displayed, thus avoiding any apparent bias on the part of NHS Choices.

These changes represent major policy shifts from a previously more restricted approach, and we encourage all HGI members to take full advantage of it, for example by pointing them out to clients, service commissioners, employers, medical insurers, GPs, etc.

The HGI Board
June 2017

Date posted: 26/07/2017

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